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Cinema-goers urged to buy snacks and support theatres if watching Barbie or Oppenheimer

Cinema-goers urged to buy snacks and support theatres if watching Barbie or Oppenheimer

As the Barbenheimer takes hold of the world, film fans are being urged to buy their snacks at the cinema to support a good cause.

Buying and eating snacks at the cinema could actually help the film industry a lot.

'But how?' you ask? Well, Barbie and Oppenheimer have taken over the world as fans flock to see both of the summer's most hyped films in the cinemas from today.

But as film fans make their way to their local cinema, probably with a few secret snacks tucked away in their bags, film fanatics have issued a very polite plea.

After months of excitement, Barbenheimer day has officially arrived. In case you didn't know - how could you not at this point - Friday, 21 July is the release day for both Margot Robbie's Barbie live-action film and Cillian Murphy's thriller Oppenheimer.

The stark contrast between both films has led to a social media trend comparing the two films, urging film fans to see both on the same day - perhaps while wearing two completely different outfits - as an unofficial double feature.

Buying a Tango Ice Blast, popcorn or some cheesy nachos could be a very simple and delicious way to support your local cinema in the UK and elsewhere.

One film fan tweeted: "It’s #Barbenheimer day!! I don’t care if these films aren’t for you, it’s important to support the cinemas, especially after the pandemic. I’m definitely making the most of it being a rainy weekend and will get my tickets to see both!"

Another cinema-goer wrote: "I hope EVERYONE flocks to the cinema this weekend. And if you can - only if - buy some snacks when you’re there so cinemas can stay afloat, stay open, stay screening! For my part, I’ll be Oppenheimer-ing and buying lots of Revels."

While another fan shared: "The truth is I'm hearing #Barbenheimer fatigue, but the truth is, no matter if you do a double feature, or just go see BARBIE or just go see OPPENHEIMER, do you know who the real winner is - Theaters! Support them now, more than ever!

Film fans are urging cinema-goers to buy snacks at the cinema.
Photo by Edward Berthelot/WireImage

The cast of both films and other celebs have weighed in on the Barbenheimer craze, including Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One star Tom Cruise, who said he will watch both films despite fears from experts that the two new films will take attention away from his own.

Cruise, who famously urged for the release of Top Gun: Maverick to be put on hold until audiences could see the hotly anticipated sequel on the big screen, said the excitement surrounding the release of Barbie and Oppenheimer is a great moment for cinema.

During the Australian premiere of the new Mission: Impossible film, Cruise told The Sydney Morning Herald: "I want to see both Barbie and Oppenheimer."

"I’ll see them opening weekend. Friday I’ll see Oppenheimer first and then Barbie on Saturday," he said.

"I grew up seeing movies on the big screen. That’s how I make them, and I like that experience," the actor added about his love for cinema.

"It's immersive, and to have that as a community and an industry, it’s important. I still go the movies.”

Cinemas around the world have struggled to get butts in seats following the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdowns, as we all got used to waiting for movies to drop on streaming services.

The UK-based chain Cineworld filed for bankruptcy protection in the US last year after struggling with almost $9bn (£7.75bn) in debt and lease liabilities.

Vue, which defeated the odds by celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, went through a massive £1bn restructure in January in order to survive.

Meanwhile, AMC, the world’s largest chain and the owner of Odeon in the UK, has been searching for a lifeline by considering a move away from fixed-price tickets to different charges depending on where people sat in the cinema, however this plan was scrapped earlier this week.

Featured Image Credit: Edward Berthelot/WireImage/Christo/WIkimedia Commons

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