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Malcolm In The Middle Reese actor hasn’t acted since show and is now a dad

Malcolm In The Middle Reese actor hasn’t acted since show and is now a dad

He's swapped out the Hollywood lifestyle for a life of fatherhood

The actor who played Reese in Malcolm In The Middle hasn’t acted since the show ended and is now a dad.

The hit television series ran for seven strong seasons between 2000 all the way through to its final episode in 2006 with audiences falling in love with the characters of Hal, Lois, and their kids Francis, Dewey, Malcolm and - of course - Reese.

The show, all about major family dysfunction, hilarious sibling rivalry and the relentless trials and tribulations when coming of age, was a core part of most 90s kids childhoods, with many of its stars going onwards and up in the Hollywood biz.

Some, however, decided to call it quits after the final season finished wrapping up.

Justin Berfield, now 37, was just 14-years-old when he embarked on the iconic role of Reese - the spirited yet side-splittingly funny second oldest brother of the four boys.

Justin Berfield starred as Reece in all seven seaons of Malcolm in The Middle.

Even though he was a fan favourite on the show after starring as the character in all 151 episodes, his acting career in the movie industry never seemed to go anywhere from that point on.

Berfield was a young and spritely 20 years old when Malcolm in The Middle ended, so many would have expected him to be eager to hop on board his next project but it seems the young lad had other ideas.

While he hasn't really publicly explained why he didn't continue to act after he left the popular sitcom behind alongside all the fame that came with it - he has shared snippets of his life on social media.

Out of the 28 posts currently on Berfield's Instagram account, which holds 235k followers so far, nine are him posing with his baby or baby-related paraphernalia.

Eight posts also feature the star alongside some fishy friends - though he hasn't made a single post since January of this year.

Berfield has posted about his new life as a father after leaving his Hollywood acting career behind.

So, what is he doing now?

Well, Berfield seems to now be preferring working behind the camera instead of acting in front of it.

Back in 2010, he started working as the Chief Creative Officer of production company Virgin Produced.

He worked alongside CEO of the company, Jason Felts, and opened up about what his role was like to Variety back in 2010.

"We are developing and producing films and television shows that are far from traditional," he revealed. "We aren’t afraid to push the envelope with content."

Virgin Produced is responsible for a few titles you may be familiar with including the likes of; Limitless, 21 and Over, The Edge of Seventeen, Bad Moms, and That Awkward Moment.

Speaking to Agora Hills Patch a year later in 2011, Berfield explained what led him to start a career in producing despite his successful portfolio of acting work.

Berfield said he is 'fortunate' for the journey he has had.

He said, "The point when I realised that I had been on two shows that syndicated to over 100 episodes and that I felt fulfilled as an actor and decided to try my hand at producing.

"I think people constantly are looking for fulfilment, and nothing is ever good enough, but I feel fortunate enough to have had the journey I have had so far."

And it's clear the star is happy with his decision after telling TV Is My Pacifier just how much he likes his job.

"I like it," he said.

Talking about the difference between acting and producing, he added: "They’re both unique in their own ways, but I’m enjoying what I’m doing and where I’m at right now.

"It’s a whole new level of stress. It’s a different kind of stress, but they’re both rewarding."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/JustinBerfield Regency TV

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