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Steve-O got in touch with Amy Schumer after her controversial joke about Ryan Dunn's death

Steve-O got in touch with Amy Schumer after her controversial joke about Ryan Dunn's death

The joke left Jackass fans outraged and furious

Comedians are known for pushing boundaries when it comes to their material.

And often times, their jokes can touch a nerve and spark a backlash.

Comedy roasts are particularly risky endeavours, as all the jabs there are meant to touch a nerve.

Amy Schumer learned this the hard way when she made a dig about a beloved cast member of Jackass.

Amy Schumer's joke touched a nerve with many viewers.
Comedy Central

In 2011, the comedian was appearing on the Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen, alongside Jackass star, Steve-O.

When it came time for Schumer to deliver her roasts to each of the panel, she pulled no punches.

Turning to Steve-O, she remarked: "Steve-O is here, great try."

What came next got a big reaction from the watching audience.

Schumer said: "But I am truly am, no joke, sorry for the loss of your friend Ryan Dunn.

"I know you must have been thinking, 'It could have been me'.

"And I know we were all thinking 'Why wasn't it?!'"

As the crowd were drawn between laughter and gasps of shocks, the camera cut to Steve-O, who did not appear amused by this dark joke.

Steve-O was not amused by the joke.
Comedy Central

For context, Ryan Dunn had passed away a few months prior to the filming of this roast.

In June 2011, Dunn died at the age of 34, whilst driving home from a bar.

His car veered off the road and hit a tree, bursting into flames.

Also killed in the accident was Zachary Hartwell, a production assistant on Jackass Number Two.

With this tragic event very much in the recent past, it's understandable why Steve-O probably wasn't amused by Schumer's gag.

In the years since the controversial line, Steve-O has spoken out about the aftermath of the joke and his feelings on Schumer.

Initially, it was clear that he wasn't too fond of her - as he branded her 'two faced' and claimed he had 'no respect' for her, whilst appearing on the Big J Show.

However, it appears that his views have softened in recent years.

Reflecting on the No Jumper podcast, the 49-year-old said: "I think what made it so controversial was my facial expression.

"I don't hold any grudge over that.

"The tragedy of it is that at that time, I let myself get sucked into all the negativity that was aimed at Amy Schumer.

Steve-O reflected on how he felt about the joke.
No Jumper podcast

"I piped up about in some interview. I had some s**t to say about it, it was f**ked up, it wasn't cool."

Steve-O admitted that he even reached out to Schumer personally.

He said: "I reached out to Amy Schumer to acknowledge that.

"To try to clear that away.

"I had a great conversation with Amy Schumer about it, I felt that we were good from that point.

"I was able to see her rise in her career to the meteoric success that she had, and genuinely feel good about that for her."

It's fair to say that despite being best known for Jackass, Steve-O is a total class act.

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