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Will Smith fans think they've worked out why he sneezed in 'official statement' response to Jada

Will Smith fans think they've worked out why he sneezed in 'official statement' response to Jada

Will Smith's fans think they've spotted an obscure call back to one of his films in his 'official statement' Instagram video

There’s a theory emerging that might explain why Will Smith used a recent video to address the ongoing speculation around his marriage by sneezing.

Let’s recap, just in case you – for whatever reason – aren’t aware.

Basically, Jada Pinkett-Smith is currently promoting her new memoir Worthy and has been doing a bit of press to drum up some interest in the publication.

It’s fair to say she’s managed that.

In a variety of interviews, she’s revealed that she and Will have been separated since 2016 and have been living ‘completely separate lives’ for seven years.

She went on to explain exactly why their marriage fell apart and her thoughts on the infamous Oscars slap.

Since then, everyone has been waiting for Will to have his say on the matter, and he’s done that in two cryptic Instagram videos.

In one of them, Smith showed himself having a lovely time aboard a boat, even having a nice nap.

He captioned that: “Notifications off.”

Here's that, if you missed it.

Then, in another video posted more recently, he captioned the video ‘OFFICIAL STATEMENT’ before simply showing a strange video of himself starting a sentence before sneezing.

After the sneeze, the camera drags away and goes into some sort of weird psychedelic photo montage.

Really, you’d have to watch it to understand that description, though.

Put bluntly, he’s trolling.

Or is he?

Some think that there’s a hidden message in the video, which is a call back to a brief moment in one of his films from almost two decades ago.

You could read it a couple of ways – maybe he simply doesn’t want to say anything and is getting annoyed that people are asking or expecting him to comment, or perhaps he’s referring to one specific moment in I, Robot from 2004.

Will Smith sneezing in I, Robot.
20th Century Fox

In that movie, Will’s character fakes sneezing before then stating that he is ‘allergic to bulls***’.

So, is this whole video a cryptic reference to that, or is it just a simple coincidence?

One fan responded to the video writing: “What does this mean?”

Another answered: “If you’ve watched enough of his movies you’ll know what he’s allergic to.”

It would definitely be a niche call back if it is really a reference to the film.

However, it seems as if Will is all about the cryptic messages these days.

As for the future of his marriage, that remains up in the air, although Jada has since admitted that the pair are going to work on their relationship.

We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

Featured Image Credit: Will Smith/Instagram/20th Century Fox

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