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People stunned after Chris Evans' real accent 'slipped out' during interview

People stunned after Chris Evans' real accent 'slipped out' during interview

Marvel fans weren't prepared to hear Chris Evans speak in his normal voice

Sometimes we get so used to actors playing a certain role, we can’t imagine them being anyone else.

So when Chris Evans spoke in his own, actual accent in an interview, people lost it.

In case you weren’t aware, the Captain America star is actually from Boston, so, naturally, when he’s speaking and isn’t in character he has a fairly strong accent.

During a red-carpet interview in 2022, Evans spoke, well, normally and X users were not ready for it.

In the clip, Evans is speaking to a reporter from Access Hollywood and can be heard asking them: “What do you prefer - moustache or no moustache? Be honest.”

Responding to the clip one user said: “Chris Evans asking ‘moustache or no moustache’ in his Boston accent should be illegal and grounds for arrest.”

Chris Evans.
Cindy Ord/WireImage/Getty Images

Another wrote: “Chris Evans putting that Boston accent into overdrive now that he's done with Marvel.”

Someone else joked: “Chris Evans is a much better actor than I previously thought if he's been hiding this thick a** Boston accent the whole time.”

While a fourth said: “I can’t stop thinking about Chris Evans’ Boston accent and it’s sending me into a spiral.”

Evans had ditched his accent to play the role of Buzz Lightyear in 2022's Lightyear.

The film followed the story behind the character that inspired the Buzz Lightyear toy from the Toy Story franchise.

A synopsis from Disney explains: “The sci-fi action-adventure presents the definitive origin story of Buzz Lightyear - the hero who inspired the toy - introducing the legendary Space Ranger who would win generations of fans.”

In the original Toy Story flicks, Buzz was voiced by Tim Allen, however, Evans took on the role of the ‘real life’ version.

And it seems as though Evans was delighted to bag the role.

He told Disney in 2021: ​​"The phrase ‘a dream come true’ gets thrown around a lot, but I’ve never meant it more in my life.

Evans voiced Buzz in Lightyear.
David M. Benett/Dave Benett/WireImage/Getty Images

"Anyone who knows me knows that my love for animated films runs deep. I can’t believe that I get to be a part of the Pixar family and work with these truly brilliant artists who tell stories unlike anyone else.

"Watching them work is nothing short of magic. I pinch myself every day.”

While in a post to Instagram, Evans promised Pixar fans that the movie was 'special'.

He wrote: "Trust me when I say that they REALLY know what they’re doing over there. This one is gonna be special, and it doesn’t step on a single thing. I can’t even put my excitement into words. I smile every time I think about it."

After its release in June 2022, the film is now rated 74 percent on the Tomatometer and achieved an 84 percent audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Featured Image Credit: Access Hollywood

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