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Cillian Murphy is open to a Peaky Blinders movie but says it was a perfect TV show

Cillian Murphy is open to a Peaky Blinders movie but says it was a perfect TV show

The Irish actor believes there's 'more story to tell'.

Cillian Murphy says he’s open to making a Peaky Blinders movie but admits the show was perfect.

The Oppenheimer actor sat down with Margot Robbie in Variety’s most recent Actors on Actors interview.

When asked by Robbie, who’s admittedly a major fan of British drama series, if he’d be interested in turning the show into a film, the Irish star, who plays Tommy Shelby, responded: “I mean, I’m open to the idea.

“I’ve always thought that if there’s more story to tell … well, we’ll see.”

The Aussie actor then urged Murphy to consider doing a movie, citing **spoiler alert** that Tommy rode off on a white horse in the show's final scene, adding there’s more to explore.

Murphy said: “I mean, I’m totally open to the idea, but I also do think it was a kind of perfect six seasons.

"It’s sometimes hard to move into the film format, and I do like the ambiguity of the ending.

"But I’m always open to a great script, you know? Who wouldn’t be?”

Well, if the movie goes ahead, we can expect Robbie to sit front and centre.

Last year, Murphy sat down with Digital Spy to provide an update on the film adaptation of the popular BBC series, which would pick up where season six finished.

Craig Barritt/Getty Images for Universal Pictures

When asked if production would commence soon, he said: “Yes, I believe so. I’ve still not read it [the script] but that’s the plan, the plan is to make a film and to continue the story but in the cinematic world rather than on the television.

“The television part of the story is finished.

"If there’s more stories to tell, I’m there I just haven’t read it yet but it’s close apparently.”

Hmmm, given his recent Variety interview, it doesn’t look like a film is in the works currently, or Murphy perhaps is keeping his cards close to his chest.

Show creator Steven Knight also confirmed earlier that year that he was working on the script for the feature; however, he hasn’t provided any more details.

Featured Image Credit: Variety/YouTube. BBC

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