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Awkward moment podcast host asks question to Dana White thinking she was interviewing Joe Rogan

Awkward moment podcast host asks question to Dana White thinking she was interviewing Joe Rogan

If you're only just hearing it now, Dana White and Joe Rogan are not the same person

Dana White and Joe Rogan are both bald, love the UFC and are very charismatic.

And for years, a lot of us thought they were the same person.

I mean, there is a big connection - UFC presenter and podcast host Rogan has worked for White, who is the CEO of UFC, for years.


Last year, a photo of the pair resurfaced on X and viewers were comparing it with the famous Spider-Man meme, with one person commenting: "Okay I thought Joe Rogan and Dana White were the same person for several years."

A second wrote: "Hold up, Joe Rogan and Dana White are not the same person."

"You were never alone. Same here!" a third added.

Amid the similarities between the two fight enthusiasts, who have been close friends for a number of years, you'd expect a professional interviewer to not get them mixed up... right?

Enter Sage Steele.

Steele, a former ESPN anchor, recently welcomed White to her podcast The Sage Steele Show and spoke with the UFC boss for over an hour.

The Sage Steele Show

It was all going pretty smoothly up until the final question.

“Last question: What’s Joe Rogan’s dream?” she asked, 'unintentionally' getting his name mixed up.

“What’s JOE ROGAN’S dream?” he replied.

“Joe Rogan … Dana White,” she then joked, as some thought she was trying to play it off cool

“Did you just think I was Joe Rogan?" he fumed.

[Looks off camera] “She just called me f**kin’ Joe Rogan. You thought I was f**king Joe Rogan? I was bald before Joe was ever bald!

“We just did a two-hour f**king podcast, I flew here from [Las] Vegas, and she thought she was interviewing Joe Rogan [laughs]."

Some viewers thought the blunder was genuine, as one person commented: "He really never doing podcasts again after this one."

"That touch on the leg to try save it," a second said, while a third added: "There’s no way lol how does this even happen."

Others thought she was playing around, as a fourth questioned: "Im curious how much stuff like this is intentional at this point because so many people have figured out what/how people react and know how to use it to their advantage for engagement."

"My goodness it's @sagesteele who literally worked for ESPN and was the main anchor for UFC!" another pointed out.

"You know how many times my mom has called me by the wrong name?!

"She knows who @danawhite is better than anyone in these comments.. lol Sage is one of the absolute best."

Featured Image Credit: The Sage Steele Show

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