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Domhnall Gleeson asks Graham Norton guest to guess his female doppelgänger and he gets it first attempt

Domhnall Gleeson asks Graham Norton guest to guess his female doppelgänger and he gets it first attempt

Once you see it, you can't unsee it

Domhnall Gleeson had a TV audience and his fellow guests in stitches as he spoke about his doppelgänger.

The Irish actor appeared on last night’s (2 February) Graham Norton Show, alongside Oscar nominees Sterling K. Brown and Colman Domingo, Dakota Johnson, and Paul Russell.

Norton brought up an anecdote of the moment Gleeson came ‘face to face’ with his ‘doppelgänger’.

The BBC host admitted that at first it seemed like an ‘overstatement’, but sitting across from the Harry Potter actor, he could ‘see it’.

Watch the moment Brown correctly guessed just who that doppelgänger is on his first attempt:

Making a pretty strong guess, Brown asked: “This is crazy, is it male or female?”

After being interrupted by laughter, he said: “You kinda remind me of Blanchett from the profile.”

And Gleeson leant back in defeat as he said: “Yeah it’s Cate Blanchett, fair enough.”

Brown was in shock as everyone quickly realised the bloke’s similarity to the Aussie star.

Norton added: “That’s amazing you got that. You do.”

Really putting the Irishman on the block, they showed a picture of the doppelgänger pair and to be fair, it’s pretty uncanny.

Gleeson or Blanchett?
Shawn Goldberg/Getty Images

And it seems this has been dragged up to Gleeson quite a lot.

The star recalled the first play he did in the West End and how amazing it felt, before being brought back down to Earth.

“All my cast mates started calling me Cate because at that time I particularly really looked like her,” he said.

“And I’d be walking down the street and people would stop to tell me that I looked like Cate Blanchett which was upsetting as a young man trying to make your way into the world.

“You’re like ‘I’m on the West End’ and ‘Cate!’ like ‘f**k off’.”

It's pretty uncanny.

Gleeson definitely sees the funny side though and seemed a little starstruck when he did eventually meet her.

He explained: “One day I was at the BAFTAs – because I’ve been to award ceremonies too, not because I’ve been nominated but you know, something I’ve been in has been nominated. And I suddenly bumped into her, there she was, it was Cate Blanchett.

“It was really kind of staggering.”

His fellow guests asked if she ‘felt the same way’ and joked if she gets Domhnall Gleeson.

“I was really, really proud of myself, I didn’t panic, and I didn’t say that people say I look like her,” he added.

Turns out the Irish star also gets compared to Tilda Swinton, but I’ll leave you to decide who the main doppelgänger is.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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