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Drake changes life of woman who had just finished chemotherapy with surprise $100,000 gift at concert

Drake changes life of woman who had just finished chemotherapy with surprise $100,000 gift at concert

Lauren nearly didn't go to the concert after spending 5 hours doing tests and scans

Drake has changed the life of a woman who had just finished chemotherapy before attending one of his concerts.

The Canadian rapper was performing in Nashville, Tennessee on Wednesday night (7 February) when he made the show-stopping gesture.

Earlier parts of Drake’s It's All A Blur - Big As The What? Tour, were dominated with the trend of women throwing up bigger and bigger bras on to the stage.

But with that seemingly over now, this generous donation to a fan is much more wholesome. Watch here:

And she almost didn’t even go.

Earlier that day, Lauren Schwallier had spent five hours at Vanderbilt University Medical Centre for bone and CT scans.

The 33-year-old recently finished her last round of chemo after being diagnosed with breast cancer in March 2022.

But luckily, she ended up deciding to go to the concert that night, very much changing her life.

Part-way though his show, after finishing ‘God’s Plan’, Drake began a sentimental speech about making your neighbour’s day and asked the crowd to join in.

He wanted the audience to turn to someone they didn’t know and give them a hug.

Drake saw her sign in the crowd.

After asking: “Where’s the love, Nashville?” Drake showed some love himself.

Schwallier was stood in a pit right near the stage, holding up a sign reading: “Just Finished Chemo.”

Wanting to help her get noticed by the ‘One Dance’ rapper, fans near her shone their touches as he said: “I see everybody pointing to this sign and I can't miss it.

“So, bring her to the front real quick. 'Cause this is an important moment."

The mum’s sign was shown on the big screens as Drake continued: “"Listen, forget Drake, forget anybody else in the building right now. That’s a true soldier right there.”

Then, handing her a big receipt, he said: “I hope my manager doesn't kill me 'cause I've never really done this much, but, listen, I want you to cash this in at the end of the night.

“We're gonna give you $100,000.”

She said she was 'in shock'.

The crowd erupted in response as the rapper concluded: “I love you and I wish you the best. Nashville, make some noise for her one more time.”

Schwallier told The Tennessean: “One thing led to another and I was at the front of the stage and Drake blew me a kiss and told me that he loved me!

"That's all I was focused on... and then just like the money on top of it is just insane."

She’s since gone viral on Instagram, where she says she’s 'still in shock'.

Schwallier’s in communication with the star's team and is said to get the details of his mega gift next week.

The mum is now waiting for her scan results so she can find out if she is cancer-free.

Featured Image Credit: Lauren Schwallier Prince Williams/Getty Images

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