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Eminem struggled to get through The Interview scene where he came out as gay because of James Franco

Eminem struggled to get through The Interview scene where he came out as gay because of James Franco

The rapper was so tickled by his comedic co-star in the iconic scene that he struggled to keep his composure.

Eminem is one of the few celebrities to have perfected a deadpan expression - when you picture him in your head, I'd put money on the fact you imagine him with that same vacant look on his face.

But even he can't resist cracking a smile when he's sat opposite from James Franco, once admitting that he amused him so much that he barely made it through his iconic cameo in the 2014 comedy, The Interview.

Take a look at this:

It's an absolute riot from start to finish if you haven't seen it, but what else did you expect when Franco teamed up with Seth Rogen for a film? Those two could make a saint swear and a stoney-faced Eminem split his sides laughing.

The movie follows talk show host Dave Skylark (Franco) and his producer Aaron Rapaport (Rogen) who are looking for a new, more mature angle to bring to their audience instead of the usual tabloid talking points.

They then learn that North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un is a huge fan of the show and end up bagging an unprecedented interview with him - but the CIA recruit the pair to assassinate the leader instead.

Among all the political satire and hilarious moments between the actors who brought us Pineapple Express, Eminem appears in a scene and ends up coming out as gay.

In The Interview, Skylark invites the Lose Yourself rapper onto his show to discuss his 'new album which has been marred in controversy concerning lyrics that some view as demeaning'.

The rapper said he struggled to get through the iconic scene.
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You'd be forgiven for thinking this was a real interview, as Eminem has been known to spit some eyebrow raising bars in his time - like taking shots at his own mum, using the f-slur and puns about the elderly.

All this translates into The Interview and the contents of his conversation with Skylark, who comically reads out some of his fake offensive lyrics in the film - such as 'Die old b**ch, die! Before I murder you!'

Eminem hilariously responds: "Well first of all, when I rap I feel like people twist my words. I don't necessarily rap about the things that I's more about the things that I fear.

"You know, it's like if I say something about women or whatever, I think a lot of that is more or less me dealing with issues.

"Old issues with my mom or whatever.

"Or when I say things about gay people and people think that my lyrics are homophobic, you know, it's because I'm gay."

I think it's safe to say that the reactions of anyone watching The Interview for the first time were quite similar to Franco's in the film - sheer shock.

James Franco kept cracking the rapper up while they were filming The Interview.
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After Skylark asks him to confirm what he said, the rapper responds: "I am a homosexual. I like men. I'm more shocked that people haven't figured it out yet. I’ve been playing gay peek-a-boo for years. I’ve pretty much been leaving a gay bread crumb trail."

Honestly, it really was the cream of the crop in terms of a celebrity cameo in a comedy film, especially when Rapaport (Rogen) dubs it the 'the greatest moment in gay history'.

Eminem himself admitted he was so tickled by the script and his co-star that he struggled to get through the scene.

A year after the film came out, the star sat down with Sway Calloway on his radio show Sway in the Morning where he spoke about the filming process.

The 8 Mile star said: "Yo, I gotta tell you, man - James Franco was so f-cking funny.

"I couldn't - it was very hard. There was a few takes where we had to stop, like, I couldn't stop laughing.

"He [Franco] was so animated and it was like, damn, I wanna be the funny one here. And he was killin' it."

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