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Snoop Dogg is 'fascinated by' Seth Rogen's famous cross joints which he rolled up in Pineapple Express

Snoop Dogg is 'fascinated by' Seth Rogen's famous cross joints which he rolled up in Pineapple Express

The actor revealed Snoop Dogg is obsessed with his rolling technique and begs him to bill up cross joints when they smoke together.

If you've ever watched Pineapple Express, chances are you have admired Seth Rogen's impeccable rolling skills.

The actor, 41, billed up all of the cross joints seen in the film, earning him some bragging rights among seasoned smokers.

The rolling method is notoriously difficult to master as it combines two spliffs into one in the shape of a cross, giving it three ends to light up.

Smokers get to enjoy the novelty - and the effects - of smoking two joints at the same time.

Rogen admitted that, even as an avid weed-lover like himself, he struggled to craft them as 'they're really hard to roll'.

He said: "It's kind of like an inelegant way to smoke weed, but at a party it's a showstopper."

The Interview star's party trick even caught the eye of fellow big smoke Snoop Dogg, who usually sticks to puffing on straightforward blunts - though he certainly won't be anymore following his bombshell announcement that he's quitting the smoke.

Rogen said the rapper was 'fascinated' by his cross joint technique and badgers him to roll one when they unwind together.

Rogen and Snoop are known to enjoy puffing on cross joints together.

During an appearance on the Hawk vs Wolf podcast, the comedian shared a hilarious story about one of their smoking sessions.

Rogen told hosts Tony Hawk and Jason Ellis: Snoop is like fascinated with these cross joints I roll and he likes them, there's like a novelty to them.

"So every time I'm with him he's like 'you've got to roll a cross joint!'

"He has like a little trailer and he's like roll some cross joints with this 50 percent THC weed that I have that is like - not what I'm used to smoking. That's what he had and I'll go to the 30's... but his weed, it was wild.

"I rolled some gigantic cross joints and we hotboxed this little tiny room, meanwhile he has blunts he's smoking. It's like he has a blunt to wash join the cross joint as we're smoking it."

Rogen admitted the power of the cross joint and Snoop's potent weed had quite the effect on him.

Rogen rolled the cross joints for the hilarious film Pineapple Express.
Sony Pictures

He added: "Then he [Snoop] got in his car and he's driven off and my car was parked in an alley behind the studio.

"I just got in my car and sat in it for like an hour and was just like - I can't do anything!"

It seems their days of enjoying the 'trifecta of joint smoking power' may be over - as Snoop announced he is 'giving up smoke' for family reasons.

The Death Row Records owner is not only universally known for hard bars - but equally - his hard blunts.

While some think his recent tweet was a joke, others genuinely believe he is giving up weed for good.

Maybe Rogen can convince him with a cross joint?

Featured Image Credit: Sony / X/@‌snoopdogg

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