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England fans shocked to learn who famous older brother of young star Kobbie Mainoo is

England fans shocked to learn who famous older brother of young star Kobbie Mainoo is

England fans were delighted to see Kobbie Mainoo on the starting XI for today's game against Slovakia

England football star Kobbie Mainoo has a pretty famous big brother.

Plenty of football lovers were buzzing this afternoon (30 June) to learn the Manchester United midfielder was in the starting XI for the match against Slovakia at Veltins-Arena in Gelsenkirchen.

The 19-year-old lad was initially left out of Gareth Southgate’s squad, but he’s been getting a whole load of extra attention since a late call to join the Euros.

And it’s not just his spot on the England team that’s causing a stir, but the realisation his big brother’s also had a fair bit of time on British telly.

Although, for a very different reason – more so trying to impress with his chat than with his feet.

Mainoo has started today. (Richard Pelham/Getty Images)
Mainoo has started today. (Richard Pelham/Getty Images)

Yep, Mainoo’s famous (well, however famous you’d class this as) brother is a Love Island star.

Having been showing his support on social media, it’s the one and only Jordan Mainoo-Hames.

Who’s Jordan again?

Well if that didn’t remind you, the lad was on the hit ITV dating show back in 2019, coming into the villa on day 14 until he was dumped on day 52.

But let’s just hope Mainoo and England don’t get ‘dumped’ from the Euros.

The 29-year-old swiftly landed a relationship in the villa with Anna Vakili before separating when he started to try his luck with India Reynolds.

That’s what launched his dumping via the public vote.

Who's Jordan again? (Alessandro Levati/Getty Images for Jordanluca)
Who's Jordan again? (Alessandro Levati/Getty Images for Jordanluca)

Since exiting Love Island, the reality star has found his feet in the fashion industry, modelling for the likes of Vogue and Louis Vuitton as well getting his fair share of runway show invites.

And as people quoted that question in response, others wrote on X: "No way. Jordan from Love Island and Kobbie Mainoo are brothers???????"

Earlier this year, Jordan shared a TikTok, as he and his dad introduced themselves to a very young Man U fan wearing a Mainoo shirt.

As the player was announced for today’s fixture against Slovakia, fans were as bold as to predict: “He’s going to score today.”

Others called him their ‘star boy’ as one wrote: “Wonderful. Been eager to see him.

“I’m sure he’s gonna make a great contribution tonight.”

Another even said: “A fairy tale and a well-deserved promotion. He is the key that unlocks this Southgate. The control in the midfield was missing.

“He is going to bring that, and it will be evident. Just wait and watch. Mainoo is made of gold.”

Well, let’s just hope Jordan from Love Island’s little brother proves them right.

Featured Image Credit: Eddie Keogh - The FA/The FA via Getty Images/X

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