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Gary Barlow says he hasn’t eaten a burger in 14 years

Gary Barlow says he hasn’t eaten a burger in 14 years

The Take That frontman admitted that he's not eaten a burger in over a decade

Gary Barlow says he's not eaten a burger in the past 14 years.

The Take That lead singer has been open in the past about his struggles with eating disorders throughout his life.

And during an appearance on Saturday Kitchen, the 52-year-old revealed that he had not eaten a burger in over a decade.

Speaking to the show's host, Matt Tebbutt, Barlow said he had learned to become much more disciplined with his diet.

While discussing his 'food heaven', he said: "The food heaven is something I can remember the last time I had it was 2009.

“I don’t eat hamburgers very often but I love them so much. It’s a big treat.”

Gary Barlow revealed that he's not eaten a burger on 14 years.

When asked whether it was 'because you’re very disciplined', he responded: “I try to be.”

Joking with the show's wine expert Olly Smith, Barlow went on: “We have our daily fitness conversations, we’re challenged.

"The food heaven for me is an ultimate hamburger with everything on, great bun, great beef with shoestring fries, condiments mayonnaise (and) ketchup, lightly pan-fried red onions, cheese, gorgeous.”

Speaking previously about his rock n roll lifestyle at the peak of Take That's fame, Barlow said he wasn't the healthiest.

"There was a little menu any given day for 1999, breakfast spliff — wake and bake — 11am Quality Street, eat all the ones you like, leave all the ones you don’t, 1pm more food … and then 4pm all the Quality Street you didn’t eat in the morning and then 6pm the doors are open, it’s party time, Jack Daniels and Coke, oh and cigarettes, 40 on a bad day, 60 on a good one," the singer admitted.

Adding: "One morning I caught myself in the mirror and I thought, 'Oh no, I’ve got to do something.”

During an interview on Lorraine with journalist Ross King, Barlow revealed that he had suffered from bulimia in the past.

Speaking previously, Barlow admitted that he struggled with an eating disorder.

Looking back, he opened up about his health, his ego, and the so-called rivalry with former bandmate Robbie Williams.

"I just turned my back on it," he said of hitting 17 stone at one point. "I was trying to kill off the popstar, that's what I was doing.

"I was eating away what a popstar looked like. So I didn't look like a pop star. I was just killing him off. And by not singing I was putting the nail in the coffin. I liked it, I liked doing it.

"I stopped dying the hair, stopped buying nice clothes, just wanted to look the opposite, physically and mentally."

Adding: "2003 - it was the day when I just went, 'No, I'm not having this anymore, I'm going to change. I want to change and I'm determined that this is not who I've become'.

"It only took a few years to get that low, but it took me years to get back to who I wanted to be. 10 years probably."

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