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Incredible reason Greg James snubbed Brit awards invite to send random couple

Incredible reason Greg James snubbed Brit awards invite to send random couple

Welsh parents Meg and Charlie amazingly went to the Brits in his place

Greg James has made himself one of the most loveable men in the country after giving up his seats at this year's Brit Awards and sending a random couple in his place.

The BBC Radio One host forfeited an evening of rubbing shoulders with famous faces on Saturday (2 March) in favour of playing Supernanny, while giving his spot to a pair of Welsh parents instead.

The 38-year-old decided to 'swap lives' with listeners Meg and Charlie for the night to give them a break from being mum and dad to celebrate their recent engagement - and how can you top a night at the Brits? Take a look at this:

As a result of his generosity and the heartwarming story behind it, Greg has become something of a national hero in the eyes of the British public.

Gushing about his kindness on social media, one fan wrote: "This is the best thing ever. Like. I don’t care what happens at this Brits. This should be a Pixar film of some sort. Amazing scenes."

Another added: "After a sh**ty week, this is the wholesome little post I needed to see."

A third swooned: "This is why you’re a national treasure, Greg."

And a fourth added: "Best use of Brits tickets ever. You legend."

Meg and Charlie went to the Brits instead of Greg James.

It seems that being the biggest fans of a radio show can sometimes pay off, as Meg and Charlie's loyalty to the breakfast show host earned them a night they will never forget.

The pair have long tuned into Greg's early morning segment and have even participated in a string of games, such as 'What's My Age Again?' - and their personalities won over the public as well as the presenter.

Meg and Charlie have gone on to appear on Radio One several times while slowly building up a relationship with Greg, so he decided to reward their devotion during a Mr and Mrs-style quiz on Friday.

The mum told the BBC she had took time to prepare for the test of knowledge about her other half, but then found out it was 'a complete ploy', adding: "They told us the truth, that they wanted us to swap lives," she said.

The BBC Radio One host offered to babysit the couple's daughter.

Announcing his proposition on air, Greg explained: "You may have heard that Bella, my wife, didn’t want to go to the Brits this weekend. So I’ve been trying to decide who I would want to take with me and I keep coming back to both of you in my head because I love you both.

"I think you’re brilliant. You’ve brought so much joy to this show, the listeners absolutely love you."

He even offered to babysit the couple's seven-year-old daughter Maisie - and on Saturday night, he made his way to the family home in Swansea to take the reins from Meg and Charlie as they headed off to the Brits in London.

Greg uploaded an Instagram post showing off all the fun he was having with the youngster while her parents partied at the awards show, which involved him getting his nails painted, a trip to the park, playing with a dolls house and of course, tuning into the Brits with a glass of champers (for him, not Maisie).

The parents comically left a list of chores for him to complete on Saturday.

He wrote: "Charlie and Meg are Brits ready. And so are me and Maisie! She’s definitely enjoying my phone."

There was also a laundry list of 'chores' for him to complete while babysitting, including washing the dishes, wrapping a present, reading with the little girl, 'salon time' and board games.

Still blown away by the life swap, Meg commented on the post: "Our baby girl has had an absolute blast! And so have we!! "What an absolutely incredible night with lifelong memories! We are forever grateful, you a true gent."

He then adorably responded: "You already know this, but she is absolutely amazing."

NHS maternity worker Meg and field technician Charlie said they had an 'amazing time' at the show, adding: "We were back by 2am. We ended the night with a McDonald's - that's our kind of night."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@slice.of.meg

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