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Jamie Oliver destroys Jake Humphrey with brutal one-liner live on Radio X

Jamie Oliver destroys Jake Humphrey with brutal one-liner live on Radio X

The celebrity chef proved he is more than just a dab hand in the kitchen with his comedic remark

Jamie Oliver isn't just handy in the kitchen - he's also a dab hand at coming up with savage wisecracks.

The celebrity chef has earned some serious street cred after absolutely destroying Jake Humphrey with a brutal one liner while live on Radio X with Chris Moyles.

Take a look here:

Oliver had the studio in stitches when he delivered his savage response to a question that the TV presenter had asked him - which host Moyles had kindly offered to pass on.

The bizarre chain of communication all started when Humphrey joined the former I'm A Celeb star for a chat on his popular morning show on Radio X.

Co-host Dominic Byrne revealed that the next guest lined up for The Chris Moyles Show was none other than Jamie Oliver, which noticeably made Humphrey's ears prick up.

The football pundit explained he hadn't yet had the restaurateur on his High Performance, but it wasn't through a lack of trying - he claimed he had effectively been blanked by Oliver despite his persistence.

He said: "Is he your next guest? Oh my goodness, I've like literally reached out to Jamie Oliver about 50 times."

Humphrey had a proposition for the celebrity chef which he shared on-air.
Global Player/Radio X

Moyles realised he could try and play matchmaker and offered to let his guest record a message for the cookbook author 'in case they don't bump into each other' on the way out of the Radio X studio.

Humphreys then quickly spat out: "Jamie Oliver, please can you come on the High Performance podcast and please can you get Chris to get you to say yes or no live on the radio so therefore it's contractually binding.

"We don't pay a fee, thanks."

As promised, Moyles brought up the subject when Oliver was on the show sharing anecdotes about his family, taking time off and of course - Christmas dinner.

Moyles began: "So, let's do some questions. The first one comes from a man called Jake Humphrey."

Oliver didn't seem to cotton on to the fact that it was the TV star who had a proposition for him, as he obliviously replied: "Hi Jake!"

Oliver chuckled before delivering his savage response.
Global Player/Radio X

The radio presenter then played the recording for the chef, who was listening intently to the high-speed ramble.

Oliver was quite amused by the on-air request and chuckled, before bluntly replying: "Absolutely not."

Social media users praised the chef for his quick wit, although I'm not too sure he was joking.

One said: "Jamie Oliver completely mugging off Jake Humphrey is the feel good content I didn’t know I needed."

Another wrote: "Love that Jamie Oliver has pied him off."

A third added: "Never thought I'd say this but Jamie Oliver has gone up in my estimations."

A fourth laughed: "Not a fan of Oliver but he's just topped out there. Good lad."

And fifth joked: "It almost makes me forgive him for ruining school dinners."

Featured Image Credit: Global Player/Radio X

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