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Jennifer Garner has admitted Ben Affleck's penis is so big filmmakers need a 'wide lens'

Jennifer Garner has admitted Ben Affleck's penis is so big filmmakers need a 'wide lens'

The former couple finalised their divorce in 2018, but Jennifer had already talked his manhood up to the world prior to that.

Jennifer Garner once revealed that she hoped filmmakers had a 'wide lens' when shooting Ben Affleck's nude scene.

The actor, 51, got married to Ben Affleck back in 2005 and the pair welcomed three children - Violet, 17, Seraphina, 14, and 11-year-old Samuel - into the world before their divorce was finalised in 2018.

She moved on with entrepreneur John Miller the same year and, despite being a bit on-and-off, the pair are reportedly still going strong - but I bet he's under some pressure in the bedroom.

I've come to this conclusion due to the fact Jennifer had really talked up her ex-husband's manhood before they split - which is surely enough to make any of her future beau's squirm.

The 13 Going On 30 star once joked that his penis is so large that filmmakers need a 'wide lens' to capture it all on camera - which are some pretty big shoes to fill.

Cast your mind back nearly a decade ago and you might remember Jennifer's admission during an appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2014.

It was around the time when he starred in Gone Girl and eagle-eyed fans noticed that he'd had a sneaky nude scene in it but if you blink, you'll miss it - unlike the actor's genitalia, apparently.

Jennifer Garner shared the details of her former husband's penis.
Shane Anthony Sinclair/Getty Images

Ben slips into the shower in a scene towards the end of a film and gave viewers a cheeky glimpse as he shuts the shower door.

His then-wife Jennifer was only happy to oblige about the Good Will Hunting star's manhood after talk show host Ellen DeGeneres suggested his nude scene was a cunning plan to get more ratings for the film.

To which Jennifer replied: "He's showing his penis. I think you're probably onto something."

Turning to the crowd, she continued: "What I have to say is, 'You're welcome.' I just try to consider myself a charitable person and I wanted to give back. You give me so much, I wanted to give something back to all of you."

The mum-of-three said she wasn't fussed about Affleck going full-frontal in Gone Girl, as she was seemingly more preoccupied with the thought of how the film crew were going to capture it.

Ben Affleck had a bit of a nude scene in Gone Girl.
Leon Bennett/WireImage

The Daredevil star continued: "It wasn't a discussion, it was like, 'Hey, at work today [director David] Fincher talked me into coming out of the shower.'

"And I was like, 'Oh, cool, well, I hope he had on a wide lens'."

Ben himself also shared his thoughts on the nude snippet and how the director helped him through the scene.

During his acceptance speech at the 2014 Hollywood Film Awards, he said: "I want to take this opportunity to thank David for the way he treated me. In particular, we had a shower scene in the movie.

"And David assured me, because trust is essential with directors and actors: 'Listen, if we tilt down we will never go far enough to see anything'.

"So, thank you David. And I'd like to thank you for keeping the set cool.

"Because if you are gonna have one chance for America to see your junk you want it to be cold. It's a real gift."

Featured Image Credit: Shane Anthony Sinclair/Getty Images

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