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Jeremy Clarkson shares savage picture of Richard Hammond after being ‘stranded’ during Grand Tour filming

Jeremy Clarkson shares savage picture of Richard Hammond after being ‘stranded’ during Grand Tour filming

The TV host shared a humourous snap of his pal to Instagram

Even when he's stranded in Botswana, Jeremy Clarkson can't help but poke fun at his mates.

Clarkson has been spending time in the south African nation to film a special for The Grand Tour, alongside co-hosts and best mates Richard Hammond and James May.

But it all went pear shaped when British Airways cancelled their flight home earlier this week, leaving them no choice to stay put.

Considering they were staying a luxury safari camp, it's not been all bad for the three car enthusiasts, and the presenters have since taken to posting tongue in cheek updates about being 'stranded'.

Clarkson shared a video of a jackal to his Instagram feasting on a carcass and quipped: "James May didn't make it, I'm afraid."

The real May was, of course, not being devoured on the African plains - quite the contrary, he was pictured enjoying a beer in the open air lounge at the resort.

Not to worry, James May is alive and well.

Clarkson, who shared the image of his pal enjoying a pint, captioned his post: "James May has built a rudimentary shelter and we will cower here until BA get their act together. Pray for us."

And this wasn't the only snap that Clarkson shared of one of his co-presenters.

Hammond also made an appearance on Instagram - in a shot that has left fans in hysterics.

It came as Clarkson updated his 7 million followers that he'd been 'saved' by a friend of twenty years - a man called Super.

Jeremy Clarkson thanked his friend Super for 'saving the day'.

It's not yet clear how Super has rescued them exactly, but what is apparent is that this man has some serious height to him.

Either that, or Hammond is smaller than we'd initially thought.

One photo shared to Instagram shows the presenter standing next to Super - and barely reaching his armpit.

Fans found this hilarious and took to the comments to poke fun at the former Top Gear presenter.

One wrote: "Hammond looks like a comfortable arm rest," whilst another joked: "Hammond's balls have always dragged him down."

Richard Hammond's latest photo has generated a big reaction on Instagram.

Another commenter posed the question likely on everybody's mind: "How tall is this man or how short is Hammond?"

"Does his armpit hair resemble a brummie journalist?" asked another follower.

For the record, Hammond is 5 foot 7 inches - and happens to work with some pretty tall blokes.

Clarkson is nearly 6 foot 5 inches, whilst May comes in just shy of 6 foot at 5 foot 11 inches.

We don't have Super's measurements on hand, but after that armpit picture, perhaps we don't need any.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@jeremyclarkson1

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