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Actor responds after people are disgusted by admission of what she ‘loves’ to do in the shower

Actor responds after people are disgusted by admission of what she ‘loves’ to do in the shower

She had a bit of a response after telling people what she does in the shower.

An actor who admitted to a bizarre shower habit has posted a response to the flurry of questions she got as a result.

Jessica Biel's recent reveal of what she likes to do in the shower was... educational.

It certainly caused plenty of controversy from outraged fans.

"That's very strange," one TikTok user said

Another added: "Is this like a code? Warning of something?"

A third questioned: "Hmmmm are you okay?"

Jessica Beil has a weird shower habit.

Apparently she 'loves' to eat during shower time - and weird stuff like cereal and yoghurt too.

She also sometimes drinks coffee and tea in there too.

While this means any falling crumbs will naturally be washed away, it's still a pretty weird place to chow down, but Biel reckons it's a good time saver for people with busy days.

Naturally this has prompted quite the response, most of which are along the lines of 'I can't believe Jessica Biel eats food in the shower'.

However, she's since responded to everyone's questions to reveal the method behind the apparent madness of substituting the shower cubicle for the dining table.

Eating in the shower is unorthodox, to say the least.

"Guys, thanks for all these questions about shower eating. I'm just so thrilled everyone's so interested," she said on TikTok after being inundated with questions.

"I really wanna, you know, start a movement. A shower eating movement I think for people who are multitasking it's just gonna be a huge relief in so many ways.

"Here's my rules with shower eating, a ledge is really helpful. Something that you can stick your cup, your yoghurt container, your coffee, your espresso.

"Whatever it is you're enjoying I like to take a bite or a sip and put it on the ledge and then you do your thing, you wash your hair.

"Keep the soap out, that's a big deal. It's pretty simple guys, you can do this."

If you don't chew with your mouth open and don't get soap on your food you're apparently fine.

She said she found eating in the shower to be 'deeply satisfying' and that the only difficulty came with trying to keep her mouth closed while chewing as she liked being 'under the water' when eating.

However, Biel's desire to be a shower snacker conflicted with her instincts to spit water while washing ("I don't know if it's like a childhood squirt gun situation," she said).

Having food and shower water in one's mouth at the same time sounds like an unpleasant mix.

On top of that, it seems unlikely that she'd want to spit out her snack as that would somewhat defeat the point of eating in the shower, leaving her with a dilemma over whether to eat food in the shower or spit water in there.

If she could sum up her shower snacking strategy in just a few words she'd say 'chew, do not open the mouth, do not let the shower water in'.

So there you go shower snackers, your hand guide to doing what you've got to do.

I don't think it's for me, but you go right ahead.

Featured Image Credit: Tiktok/Jessbiel/Instagram/JessicaBiel

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