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Behind the scenes Oscars footage shows just how quick John Cena went from 'nude' to wearing a curtain

Behind the scenes Oscars footage shows just how quick John Cena went from 'nude' to wearing a curtain

The WWE superstar took on a very different look

John Cena's WWE catchphrase of you can't see me was extremely apt for all manner of opposite reasons after he took to the Oscars stage seemingly 'butt naked'.

The wrestling superstar, who is a household name worldwide for his leading role as the face of World Wrestling Entertainment for more than a decade, took on a very different public approach on the world stage.

And behind the scenes footage of the moment has now been revealed showing just how quickly he donned a rather oversized dress once the skit had run its course.

Cena was in Hollywood to present the Best Costume Design Award, appearing on stage with just an envelope containing the winner's name to hide his manhood.

The skit appeared to be a throwback to the 1974 Oscars, when photographer Robert Opel appeared nude on stage behind host David Niven.

Host of the 2024 bash, comedian Jimmy Kimmel, made reference to the unplanned incident, prompting Cena to appear before a piece of stage prop.

"At the 46th Academy Awards, 1974, David Niven was in the middle of introducing Elizabeth Taylor when a nude man - a streaker - ran across the stage," Kimmel said as he was introducing Cena.

"Can you imagine if a nude man ran across the stage today?"

John Cena took to the stage 'naked'.
Rich Polk/Variety via Getty Images

Cena then gets cold feet and decides he doesn't want to take part in a re-enactment anymore before walking like a crab sideways to the stage microphone, holding the envelope in front of his nether region.

"Costumes, they are so important," Cena said to a room full of laughter.

After showing clips from all the nominees, the star then was shown back on stage this time in a dress seemingly fashioned from an old stage curtain.

He's a big lad after all.

Holly Waddington from Poor Things won the award, with her then greeted by Cena on stage.

Behind the scenes footage has been released showing exactly how Cena was quickly dressed.

And watching the footage, it took just three seconds to get the curtain around his large frame.

Watch the video below:

When cutting to a video showing off the nominees, four members of backstage staff bring on the clothing item while Kimmel stands in front of the wrestler.

It took a matter of seconds to get him dressed, with Kimmel then kneeling down next to him as if he'd done it himself for when the camera cut back to the auditorium.

Cena himself wasn't actually nude at all during the scene, with 'modesty pouches' in place across his crotch and bum.

Featured Image Credit: Rich Polk/Variety via Getty Images

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