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Jonah Hill legally changed his last name

Jonah Hill legally changed his last name

It's been a long time coming

Jonah Hill has legally changed his surname after filing a petition in 2022.

The Hollywood actor, 40, had been petitioning to legally change his surname for some time, according to legal documents.

In case you didn't know, 'Jonah Hill' was actually a stage name and while 'Jonah' is the star's real moniker, 'Hill' was not.

This, of course, isn't unusual, with heaps of Hollywood stars adopting stage names during their careers.

The actor officially changed his name to Hill - essentially dropping his original surname of Feldstein and going by the name he is publicly known as.

According to documents obtained by TMZ, the Oscar nominee first petitioned to drop Feldstein back in November 2022.

But it looks like this is finally official, according to legal documents seen by The Blast.

According to the outlet, Hill’s petition was granted.

The documents now read: “The petition is granted. Once the proposed decree is signed, it cannot be amended without a new petition to change name.”

Jonah Hill has officially changed his name.

Hill has never spoken publicly about his decision to drop his surname.

However, the topic did lead to a rather awkward moment for one journalist almost a decade ago, when they asked the 22 Jump Street actor about his surname in an interview.

Over on IMDb, Hill is listed by his former birth name - Jonah Hill Feldstein.

Wanting to fact check, journalist Hadley Freeman asked the actor why he had dropped his birth name.

"This is when everything goes weird and his palpable self-control breaks down," Freeman said in her write-up for the Guardian.

"For a full 15 seconds Hill is silent aside from his breathing: it's so heavy, I think at first he's having an asthma attack."

The actor and producer eventually responded, but didn't give an answer.

Freeman wrote: "'Can we just not?' he whispers.

"'Just … don't', he hisses'."

Many Hollywood stars adopt stage names.
Paramount Pictures

It's not clear why the topic was such a tricky one, but Hill's family still use the Feldstein name, including dad Richard Feldstein, who is a tour accountant for Guns N' Roses.

Meanwhile, sister Beanie Feldstein is also an actor, best known for her roles in the comedy-drama films Lady Bird and Booksmart.

While Hill has been trying to change his name for a while, he isn't the only celeb to have done this.

For example, Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul recently dropped 'Sturtevant' from his name, with his wife and son's names also officially changed.

And of course, Kanye West is now officially 'Ye'.

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