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People baffled as Kanye West appears to wear a jacket belonging to a school in Northern Ireland

People baffled as Kanye West appears to wear a jacket belonging to a school in Northern Ireland

Eagle-eyed fans spotted the school jacket

People have been left scratching their heads after controversial singer Kanye West was spotted wearing what appeared to be a jacket with the crest of a Northern Irish school.

Kanye was spotted in a video posted online by fellow musician Ty Dolla $ign and people couldn't stop focusing on his top.

In the video, Kanye was getting a pedicure before yelping in pain and announcing that he wasn't going to go through with the rest of it, but all eyes were on what he was wearing.

Quite why Kanye West is wearing what appears to be clothes from a school in Northern Ireland, St Mary's Christian Brothers' Grammar School, is a bit of a mystery and people can't really get their heads round it.

As far as we can tell he's not a former pupil of St Mary's CBS, especially as plenty who did go there have been posting about it and none can remember Kanye being in their classroom.

See that crest on Kanye West's top?
Instagram/ @tydollasign

Kanye went to school in the US and for a while China after his mum moved there to teach at Nanjing University.

But there's no record of him getting his education in Northern Ireland.

One former St Mary' student wrote on social media that they 'can't get my head round Ye wearing a jacket from my secondary school', while someone else said it was 'sooo random' to see the singer apparently in a school jacket.

Plenty of others were delighting to see their old school's logo somehow end up on the chest of one of the most famous (or infamous depending on your view) people in the world.

One commenter even told a friend of theirs that their 'leavers hoodie will be worth a fortune now'.

It seems the instinct to go 'oh hey, that's my school' when something like this happens is pretty universal.

Former pupils of St Mary's have noticed it looks quite like this.
St Mary's CBS

Someone else decided St Mary's could use a bit of business advice and suggested to the school that they 'make these tops available to sell online'.

Of course, there may be downsides to that as the singer, or 'Kanye West Belfast' as several have dubbed him now, has suffered quite the reputation drop in recent times.

The singer made a number of anti-Semitic statements, including writing on social media that he would go 'death con 3 on JEWISH PEOPLE', which drew heavy criticism and led to a number of brands dropping him.

He was also booted off social media sites Twitter and Instagram, though his accounts were later restored.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter / St Mary's CBS

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