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Young boy wins the £400,000 golden Prime drink bottle after correctly guessing the code

Young boy wins the £400,000 golden Prime drink bottle after correctly guessing the code

The kid entered the right numbers with just hours to spare and is now a very rich boy.

A young boy has won the £400,000 golden Prime drink bottle challenge after correctly guessing the code in London.

KSI and Logan Paul left everyone shocked when they announced they could win one of two bars of solid gold that were shaped just like their drink.

The pair explained in their promo video: "The golden Prime will be encased in bulletproof glass.

"To get to it you must correctly guess a six-digit code.

"Each person only has one guess and only 20 seconds to make that guess.

"If the code is not guessed correctly within 48 hours, the torches inside the case will ignite.

"And the gold prime bottle will be incinerated completely - worth absolutely nothing. [Former NASA engineer] Mark Rober made it."

Understandably, loads of people tried their best to guess the code.

Time was running out and a little boy dressed in a Pinewood FC jersey managed to key in the correct six numbers in London.

Confetti burst into the air and everyone erupted in screams after the code was unlocked.

You can only imagine how a prize like this will change this family's life forever. No doubt that kid will be getting a big Christmas present this year.

However, it was a different story in New York City where Logan's gold drink bottle was sitting.

Because the winner was crowned in London, it meant the Big Apple bottle had to be melted down.

Logan wrote on his Instagram that the gold bottle has been 'completely destroyed', however the gold is still technically intact, it's just in liquid form.

So it still retains its material value, but it just doesn't come in a cool-looking Prime bottle anymore.

The challenge was launched to celebrate one billion Prime bottles being sold around the world.

"We do everything BIG. Since we created PRIME, we’ve made our own blueprint when it came to marketing, scaling, and building the brand," KSI and Paul said in a statement.

"In a short period of time, we’ve become the fastest-growing beverage company in history, selling our one-billionth bottle in just year two.

"We’re confident our fans will be pleasantly surprised when they visit our celebratory Gold Stores and see what a unique experience our team has built."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/KSI

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