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£400,000 golden Prime bottle destroyed after young boy guesses correct code

£400,000 golden Prime bottle destroyed after young boy guesses correct code

Logan Paul had to watch New York's golden Prime bottle get incinerated after a youngster in London correctly guessed the code.

The Golden Prime competition on both sides of the pond drew in thousands of fans who were desperate to get their hands on the £400,000 prize.

Logan Paul and KSI gave people the chance to win the glitzy gold replica of their popular energy drink in both London and New York over the weekend.

Their latest marketing stunt, to celebrate selling their billionth bottle of the stuff, saw Prime fans queue up for hours on end to have a go at cracking the six digit code on the bulletproof case.

One lucky Brit managed to, meaning New York's bottle was incinerated. Take a look here:

Participants were warned that they had just one guess to try and unlock it, before the solid gold bottle would be destroyed.

If the code was not cracked by the end of the 48 hours, the Prime co-founders explained the torches inside the case would ignite.

"The gold prime bottle will be incinerated completely - worth absolutely nothing," they said.

"[Former NASA engineer] Mark Rober made it."

Things grew quite tense in the Big Apple and London as nobody had managed to figure out the code while the clock was still ticking.

That was until a little boy dressed in a Pinewood FC jersey managed to key in the correct six numbers in the UK capital.

Confetti burst into the air and everyone erupted in screams after the code was unlocked.

The golden Prime bottle in New York was torched and dropped into a vat of molten lava.

KSI was obviously over the moon that Brits had reigned supreme, but it was quite a different story in New York City.

Although Logan smiled and was happy for the youngster as he watched him win via a live stream, the realisation then sunk it of what that meant for his golden bottle.

He screamed: "They got it? No! That means ours is getting burned!"

Logan shared footage of the moment that the gold bottle was 'destroyed completely' by the extravagant torch system on his Instagram story.

The video shows the half-melted bottle of Prime hovering above a vat of molten lava with a temperature of 1,093C before it is dropped inside.

He said: "It's melting. Oh my gosh that hurts. That's $250,000 gone, just like that. No, no, no!"

Logan was sad to see his bottle go but was still happy for the UK winner.

Meanwhile, KSI looked pretty jubilant as he watched the live stream of the liquifying process.

He told the London crowd: "It's melting, the gold in New York is melting!"

But don't worry, a quarter of a million dollars didn't actually go up in smoke.

The gold is still technically intact, it's just in liquid form - so it still retains its material value, but it just doesn't come in a cool-looking Prime bottle shape anymore.

The fate of the liquid gold remains uncertain, but I'm pretty sure it won't be going to waste.

KSI and Logan set up their very own Gold Stores in both cities to host the epic challenge.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/KSI

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