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People are just discovering what Macaulay Culkin's real speaking voice sounds like

People are just discovering what Macaulay Culkin's real speaking voice sounds like

Macaulay Culkin recently had a star unveiled on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Some fans of Macaulay Culkin are just finding out now what his real voice sounds like after he got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

It's that time of year where you can get festive and watch Home Alone, a story about young Kevin McCallister (Culkin) turning his house into a deathtrap for two bumbling burglars (Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern) after his family forget to take him on holiday.

Nothing quite says Christmas like one guy getting his scalp set on fire and another getting his feet shredded by all sorts of traps, before a strange man smacks them on the head with a snow shovel.

Alright, that's a little bit reductive and Home Alone is still an amazing joy to watch, and there was even a little bit of a cast reunion last week as Catherine O'Hara (Kate McCallister in the movie) showed up to give a speech praising Macaulay Culkin as he received his Walk of Fame star.

She said he gave a 'perfect performance' in Home Alone and brought his 'sweet and twisted, yet totally relatable' sense of humour to his work.

Macaulay Culkin was reunited with his Home Alone mother, Catherine O'Hara.
Amy Sussman/Getty Images

In more recent years he's appeared in The Righteous Gemstones and American Horror Story, and Culkin was in tears as O'Hara gave her speech.

When it was his turn to give a speech, Culkin paid tribute to his wife Brenda Song.

"You are absolutely everything. You're my champion," he said in an incredibly sweet speech.

"You're the only person happier for me today than I am. You're not only the best woman I've ever known, you're the best person I've ever known.

"You've given me just all my purpose. You've given me family."

Absolutely lovely stuff, but for some of the actor's fans they couldn't get over hearing what he actually sounded like.

When you make your living as an actor, you sometimes have to put on voices that are not entirely your own, and when one of your most famous roles is from when you were a child lots of people will associate that voice with you.

Culkin paid tribute to his wife Brenda Song as he got his Walk of Fame star in Hollywood.
Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Plenty were astonished to hear that 'Macaulay and Kieran Culkin have the same voice', though given they're brothers it's maybe not that surprising.

Fans of Succession will have had plenty of opportunities to hear Kieran Culkin speak, but others said they spotted 'such similar mannerisms' between the brothers as well.

"Have you ever heard a Culkin speak? They all sound like this! Little cutie pies!" someone else wrote.

Another said they'd 'never heard his adult voice' before, while another posted to say 'just realized I have not heard this man speak since he was 10'.

That would only be true if you'd not seen Home Alone 2 which is another excellent movie and probably the only other Home Alone film worth your time.

Featured Image Credit: Amy Sussman/Getty Images / 20th Century Studios

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