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People who now live in Margot Robbie's old London home think she'll come back to visit

People who now live in Margot Robbie's old London home think she'll come back to visit

The current tenants say they love living in the same home as Margot Robbie and wish she'd visit

People often wonder what it's like to live like the rich and famous, but very few of us get to actually find out.

However, four housemates from Clapham discovered they are currently staying in the same home Barbie actor Margot Robbie used to live in.

Called “The Manor’, the Clapham flat was home to the A-lister back in 2014 and the tenants hope she might return to her old stomping ground.

The Wolf of Wall Street star moved into the property just after filming finished. Having painted the town red, or rather pink, the Barbie actor lived alongside six other people including her future husband, Tom Ackerley.

Robbie used to live in Clapham.
Wiktor Szymanowicz/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

A decade on, four new housemates live in the property with one claiming that Robbie previously offered to rent the home for a party.

Current housemate, Alice Launder, told The Sun: “There was one story where the previous tenants were asked by Margot if she could rent the house for the weekend to have a party.”

She then joked: "I think they all had to move out for the weekend, so didn't take her up on the offer. I wish she would call us!"

New tenant Alice wishes that the A-Lister would return.
Alice Launder

Unlike the other tenants at the property though, Launder had no idea about the former famous housemate at The Manor.

"I found out that Margot Robbie had lived in the house within the first few days," she admitted, explaining how she was originally from Bournemouth and had only lived at the home since February.

Continuing, the account executive told the press: "I was asked 'do you know who used to live here' and I don't know why I was just immediately like 'was it Margot Robbie' because I knew she lived in Clapham.”

The twenty-something hasn’t shied away from the spotlight either, saying that she frequently mentions the famous roomie to others.

"I do mention it to quite a lot of people I meet. I say 'guess who used to live in my flat',” she confessed.

“Most people get it because if you live in Clapham, you know she used to live there.”

We can’t say we blame you either, Alice.

Featured Image Credit: Alice Launder/Wiktor Szymanowicz/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

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