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Fans have been left well and truly baffled at how often Margot Robbie's feet feature in the new Barbie trailer released yesterday (25 May).

While Robbie is currently one of Hollywood's most famous actors at the moment with a jam-packed filmography of box-office smashes to her name - it seems that there's one part of her from the calf-down that people seem to not be able to look past.

Well, two parts, if you will.

Directed by the cinematic genius that is Greta Gerwig, a huge chunk of the comedy's trailer seems to be entirely focused on the Aussie star's tootsies and it's sent the internet into a complete frenzy.

In the latest trailer, released by Warner Bros on Thursday, Robbie can be seen alongside co-star Ryan Gosling in never-before-scene sneak peeks of the upcoming flick.

Fans are baffled at just how much Margot Robbie's tootsies feature in the new trailer.
Warner Bros.

One snippet or two in particular has definitely got people talking, however, as it seems to entirely focus on the star's trotters more so than anything else.

The scene in question sees Robbie holding up her leg as she freaks out over losing her signature arched high-heel stance and is, instead, left with flat feet as her barrage of pals dry-heave at the sight.

After making its rounds across the internet, it's clear people couldn't wait to share their reactions to the newest trailer as they flocked in their masses to social media to deliver their verdicts.

One Reddit user posted: "The 'flat foot' freak out had me on the floor."

A Twitter user noted: "Huh, there sure is a lot of Margot Robbie’s feet in the new Barbie trailer."

People have flocked to social media to share their reactions to the feet-filled trailer.
Warner Bros.

Another dubbed the upcoming movie as a 'film with Margot Robbie’s feet as a plot point."

"I wonder how many people would believe me if I went back in time one year and told them that Margot Robbie's feet would be an important plot point in a big Hollywood movie," joked a third.

"Hollywood really loves Margot Robbie's feet, huh?" noted a fourth while a fifth echoed: "This is the third movie I've seen with a closeup of Margot Robbie's feet."

A final viewer revealed: "It’s got Margot Robbie’s feet as like a central plot point… buddy I’m there opening day."

And they're not alone in their feet-fuelled enthusiasm as there's a reason why people seem to be so obsessed with Robbie's feet in the new Barbie trailer.

It has sent the internet into a total foot-frenzy thirsting over the A-lister's little piggies with many vowing that they would nab a cinema ticket just to see Robbie's feet up on the big screen.

And the reason?

Robbie has previously addressed the world's obsession with her feet.
Warner Bros.

Well, the bizarre phenomenon all comes down to sex - well, fetish, to be specific.

Robbie has previously responded to people's obsession with her feet on an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! last year.

"I'm very dexterous with my toes," she revealed, "I could pick a lock, no problem."

Robbie went on to say that she could even 'braid someone's hair with [her] toes' which - no doubt - sent her barrage of foot fetishists or 'podophiles' into a spiral.

While many may find the fascination bizarre, Robbie said that the whole thing doesn't faze her too much and, instead, actually functions as a compliment.

"It's weird," she revealed, "but I'm flattered by that."

Barbie is set to hit cinemas later this summer (21 July).

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros.

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