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Martin Lewis praised after sending his final message to Brits for 2023

Martin Lewis praised after sending his final message to Brits for 2023

The Money Saving Expert shared his last message of the year

Martin Lewis has been flooded with praise after sending his final message to us Brits for 2023.

I mean, let’s face it, the bloke’s a bit of a national hero. He’s always on hand to help us save cash and this year, a lot of us have needed that more than ever.

From warning us about our student loans to advice for parents or from cautions about Apple Pay to giving tips about money-saving products, we can all use his advice.

And it seems after this evening (18 December), we might have to wait a couple weeks until we hear from the Money Saving Expert again.

That’s because Lewis has now ‘signed off’ for 2023 as he shared a post to X.

The 51-year-old wrote: “I'm signing off social media now and going to spend the next couple of weeks chilling, and focusing on family.

“So this is, hopefully, my last post of 2023. I’d like to wish all who celebrate a joyous, peaceful, & warm-hearted Christmas and happy New Year.

Martin Lewis has 'signed off' for 2023.

“For those who find this time of year grief-filled, lonely or a struggle may your passage through it, be easy, with more smiles than you expect.”

He also echoed those words in a little graphic where the text also says it’s ‘hopefully’ his ‘last post of 2023’.

And fans have quickly flooded his social media post with praise as they wished him a ‘Merry Christmas’ and called him a ‘superstar’.

One wrote: “Thank you for your great info and advice this year Martin.”

Another added: “You work damn hard for us little folk, you’re definitely on the nice list!”

Someone else put: “It’s good to know there are folks like you who care about us and try and make a difference for everyday people.”

National Treasure to many.
Andrew Matthews-Pool/Getty Images

Plenty called Lewis’ work ‘invaluable’ as they said he has ‘guided us through so much during the year’.

One user commented: “Thank you for all your financial advice, and literally being the people’s champion. Have a well deserved break.”

And another said: “Sending you and your family best wishes Martin. Thank you so much for trying so hard to help all of us. You deserve a well earned break.”

In a piece of Lewis’ recent advice for this festive season, he advised on the best lights for the Christmas tree to save money.

The expert recommended using LED lights as a cheaper alternative to getting the house glowing for the big day.

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