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Michael J Fox moment at the Baftas leaves viewers in 'floods of tears'

Michael J Fox moment at the Baftas leaves viewers in 'floods of tears'

People loved seeing the Back to the Future star at the Baftas

There was one celebrity appearance that people loved to see at the Baftas above all others and that was the moment Back to the Future star Michael J Fox came on to present the Best Film award.

You know how award shows go, some of the best and brightest stars in the entertainment industry who weren't up for a prize that particular year get to come on stage and explain why sound editing is so important.

For their star guest to present Best Film the Baftas really knocked it out of the park by getting Michael J Fox to deliver the accolade.

Watch below:

Receiving a standing ovation from the Bafta crowd as he prepared to deliver the award, Fox praised all the nominees and the power of cinema itself.

He said: "Thank you very much, five films are nominated in this category tonight.

"All five have something in common, they're the best at what we do. No matter who you are or where you're from these films can bring us together.

"There's a reason why they say movies are magic, because movies can change your day, they can change your outlook, they can sometimes even change your life."

Michael J Fox and wife Tracy Pollan at the Baftas.
Wiktor Szymanowicz/Future Publishing via Getty Images

The reaction to Fox's appearance from those watching at home was similarly warm and welcoming.

Plenty took to social media to say how glad they were to see him on their screens again, and how much of an inspiration they found him.

One said his appearance had them in 'floods of tears' as Fox reminded them of their dad, who like the Back to the Future star had Parkinson's disease.

Fox entered the Bafta stage in a wheelchair, though was able to stand at the podium to present the award, and the actor has for a long time been open about his Parkinson's diagnosis.

He's spoken in the past about 'the gift that keeps on taking', while throughout his life he's raised over $2 billion (£1.5 billion) for research into the disease.

Social media was abuzz with delight and praise when Fox presented the Best Film award.
Kate Green/BAFTA/Getty Images for BAFTA

Fox's appearance at the Baftas had people calling him an 'absolute legend' and a 'hero' who 'deserves his ovation'.

Many of those watching praised the work he'd done to raise money and awareness of Parkinson's since being diagnosed with it in 1991.

Someone else said 'the world really needs more disabled people represented in prominent positions' and praised Michael J Fox for doing a 'fantastic job'.

Fox had people 'cheering and clapping in my living room', while others said his appearance was 'a very touching watch' while being 'unbelievably moving'.

So many were overjoyed to see the 'movie hero' of their youth show up at the Baftas and the outpouring of love and emotion in his direction was splendid to see.

Featured Image Credit: Karwai Tang/WireImage/Kate Green/BAFTA/Getty Images for BAFTA

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