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Millie Bobby Brown addresses backlash after being accused of 'changing her accent'

Millie Bobby Brown addresses backlash after being accused of 'changing her accent'

The actor is British but 'grew up in America'

Millie Bobby Brown has addressed backlash after being accused of ‘changing her accent’.

The 20-year-old has been doing a lot of promo recently, with her latest film Damsel dropping on Netflix earlier this week.

But as fans have been listening to her chat about the movie – as well as her engagement and the final Stranger Things season – they’ve been a little distracted by her voice.

Earlier in the month, Brown appeared on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and was explaining how Jake Bongiovi proposed to her (underwater if you’re wondering).

But instead of cooing over her romantic engagement, viewers were too busy taking to social media to question why the actor’s typically prominent British accent now seemed to have an American twang on it.

Millie Bobby Brown responded to the obsession with her accent.

Users wrote on X: “Since when did Millie Bobby Brown lose her British accent… HELLO??”

Brown was born to British parents in Marbella, Spain and lived in England for many years before moving to the US when she was eight.

And after the odd TV role here and there, she really broke onto the scene as Eleven in Stranger Things back in 2016 when she was just 12.

Well known for that and for having a pretty British accent, it seems viewers were struggling to get to grips with her having an American twang.

And Brown has now addressed the backlash in an interview with TikTok star Max Balegde.

Brown as Eleven.

Explaining how she ‘grew up in America’ she said: “I come to set, I'm an actor and I adapt and so I want to mimic people!”

The Enola Holmes star continued: “I can't help that when I'm around my fiancé, or when I'm around people like Jimmy Fallon, who have a very American accent, I wanna replicate it! And now I'm in England I want to replicate that.

“I don't do it intentionally and I'm sorry if it offends you! But listen, I'm trying my best! I'm trying my best!"

And TikTok users praised her in the comments as they say it’s ‘actually normal’.

Another explained it’s ‘code switching’ and one put: “You speak how you want Millie!”

Brown’s most recent TV appearance definitely had fans talking too, as they reckon she ‘slipped up’ on The Jonathan Ross Show.

The actor was discussing the final season of Stranger Things when she admitted she know’s Eleven’s fate despite not reading the last scripts.

The cast are wrapped up in secrecy but viewers think Brown made a messy choice of words.

They wrote on X: “When Millie Bobby Brown said “I know how she, er, I know what happens to my character” about the Stranger Things final series ending, I bet the Netflix bosses were like nooooooooo!!!!”

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