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Millie Bobby Brown’s ‘Stranger Things’ co-star Matthew Modine will officiate her wedding

Millie Bobby Brown’s ‘Stranger Things’ co-star Matthew Modine will officiate her wedding

Modine is set to play a huge part in her big day

Millie Bobby Brown's wedding will be officiated by her co-star and friend, Matthew Modine.

The two star on Netflix hit-series Stranger Things, with its final season currently in production as we speak.

Brown even scared fans recently when she almost slipped up when talking about the highly anticipated season on The Jonathan Ross Show.

The 20-year-old actress first starred on the series in 2016 as 'Eleven', a child with telekinetic and telepathic powers, that we later find is a result of experiments done on her by Dr. Martin Brenner.

Brenner is played by none other than Matthew Modine himself, who will join the Brit in marriage with fiance Jake Bongiovi, son of rock and roll legend Jon Bon Jovi.

Despite the hype and fandom around the series, Brown has stated that she is ready to move on from Stranger Things, comparing this final season to 'graduating high school'.

With credits in films such as Damsel and the Enola Holmes franchise, it is clear that the young actress is moving on from 'Eleven'.

And as her wedding date fast approaches, it looks like her growth is also going on off-screen.

The couple have been together for the best part of three years.
Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

Brown and Bongiovi have been dating since 2021, getting engaged in April 2023.

As wholesome as it is that Modine is officiating the wedding, he may have been one of the more unexpected co-stars to be chosen, for fans of the show.

He recently spoke to Access Hollywood about rumours around his involvement in her wedding, revealing: "I have one of the licences to get people married and Millie thought it'd be great and Jake [Bongiovi] said it'd be a great idea,

"So I wrote the wedding vows, and they loved what I wrote for them to join hands and become husband and wife."

The 65-year-old actor, who played a role in Oscar-winning Oppenheimer in 2023, also said: "I've done it one time before, during Covid in upstate New York. It was an outdoor wedding and it was weird, but it's such a beautiful thing to be able to join two people in holy matrimony.

Modine is excited to officiate at the wedding.

"I've been married 44 years, it's amazing when it works," he concluded.

Fans on social media have labelled the announcement as 'wholesome', with many wishing they knew the exact date, though it is unlikely to be revealed.

Stranger Things fans were also excited when the beginning of season five was released online in script form as the ultimate teaser.

Release of the final season is expected in 2025, so there's still a long wait yet.

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