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Rebecca Loos responds following 'disgusting' comments about David Beckham affair claims

Rebecca Loos responds following 'disgusting' comments about David Beckham affair claims

She responded to a comment on Instagram

Rebecca Loos has responded after a slew of 'disgusting' comments were made about her following the release of Netflix's documentary on David Beckham.

Claims that Beckham had an affair were discussed in the documentary, with wife Victoria giving her verdict on the issue.

For those who don't currently have the time to trawl through Beckham or recall details from years ago, when the England star moved from Manchester United to Real Madrid in 2003 he faced allegations of having an affair with his assistant, Rebecca Loos.

A year later the then 26-year-old claimed she had slept with Beckham, which put Posh and Becks' marriage on the front pages.

David and Victoria both denied the allegations, and once again in Beckham their position is that an affair didn't happen with Victoria calling it an 'absolute circus'.

Loos has been bombarded with comments on Instagram.

She admitted that she 'resented' David during that time while he said he 'felt physically sick every day when I opened my eyes' but they eventually worked through it.

Since the documentary's release the matter has been brought back to the front of people's minds once more and Loos has faced a slew of comments on her social media profiles.

Others have jumped in to offer their support and to brand the commenters 'disgusting' for pouring hate on her.

"Why is the other woman always subjected to such hate," one person wondered while another pointed out that it had been 20 years ago and encouraged others to 'get over it'.

A third branded the level of criticism Loos was receiving as 'shocking' and argued that people who were 'shouting about mental health in their bios' ought not to be insulting other people on the internet.

Rebecca Loos also responded to a comment wishing her well and telling her to stay strong.

Hundreds of people have flooded the latest post on her Instagram page to make comments, with some being unkind and others wishing her well in the face of the criticism.

Before the release of the Netflix documentary she had posted a picture of herself to Instagram doing a yoga pose captioned: "Letting go and finding strength in the mountains of life."

Since the release of Beckham the post has been inundated with people debating the alleged affair.

Loos responded to one of the messages from people wishing her well in the face of the many comments she received about the documentary.

"Thank you, am taking in the nasty comments with as much humour as I can," she wrote to one commenter who called the critics 'disgusting' and said she had a 'beautiful family'.

Beckham is available to watch on Netflix.

Featured Image Credit: Lalo Yasky/WireImage/Netflix

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