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Samuel L. Jackson reveals movie quote fans always shout at him and it surprisingly isn't a swear word

Samuel L. Jackson reveals movie quote fans always shout at him and it surprisingly isn't a swear word

That said, there are also many requests which are very much not pre-watershed

Samuel L Jackson might be well known for his love of the odd swear word, but the actor has revealed it’s actually a swear-word-free quote that gets shouted at him most often when out and about.

The Hollywood star, who turns 75 today, is the second highest grossing actor of all time and has starred in more hit movies than you can shake a stick at including The Avengers, Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown and Unbreakable.

His role in Pulp Fiction had some pretty memorable and oft-quoted lines as does Snakes on a Plane, but the quote that Jackson says fans most commonly shout at him in the street doesn’t come from one of his films. Weird, eh?

Jackson was joined by Oscar Isaac, Tom Hiddleston, Michael Keaton, Brian Cox, and Quincy Isaiah in a roundtable interview with the Hollywood Reporter last year, when the stars were asked “When a fan comes up to you on the street, what do they typically recognise you from, and what do they usually say?”

Cox - the actor not the science guy - said fans would ask him to tell them to ‘f**k off’ in the style of his Succession character Logan Roy.

Samuel L Jackson has shared the line his fans quote at him the most.
Arturo Holmes/Getty Images

However, Jackson said the line he’s quoted the most is from an advert he did for Capital One. Yep, I’m as surprised as you.

Responding to the question he said: “These days [it’s], ‘What’s in your wallet?’”

And in classic Jackson style, he has a smart comeback, telling fans that his ‘wife’s hand is in his wallet’.

He went on to say that people do still ask him to swear at them, ‘all the time’.

“People ask me to call them motherf**ker all the time,” he went on.

“Or they’ll ask me to put it on their answering machine.

“They’ll literally say, ‘Would you do my answering machine? ‘This motherf**ker’s not home right now. And the motherf**ker will call you back.’”

The actor turns 75 today.

To be fair, that would be an amazing answer machine message to have.

Last year, the actor revealed how he seemingly doesn’t seem to age - he’s 75 today and still looks pretty much the same as he did 20 years ago.

He said: "When I was a kid and I'd talk to my grandfather's brothers and they'd say how old they were you'd be like, ‘oh my God they're so old'.

"Then you find someone who passes [...] and you think that's so young. Now I'll be 60 this year, when I look in the mirror it's not what I expected to see when I heard the word 'Sam' and '60' so maybe I do look a bit younger.

"Times have changed, we have better exercise regimes, do better with our diets, they have such great skincare products now, and if all else fails, find a good doctor."

Featured Image Credit: Arturo Holmes/Getty Images/Miramax

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