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Stacey Solomon admits she keeps the foreskins of her sons in special memory boxes

Stacey Solomon admits she keeps the foreskins of her sons in special memory boxes

Stacey Solomon admitted she has a collection of her sons' foreskins in a box

Stacey Solomon says she keeps her sons' foreskins in a special memory box.

Yep, one to file under 'too much information', the former X Factor star has opened up about her family life, and how she holds onto items from their past.

In an interview with the Mirror, the mum spoke about her three boys, Zachary, 15; Leighton, 11; and four-year-old Rex.

Solomon told the outlet that, like many mothers out there, she kept certain things from their past, such as their foreskins.

“I've got [the kids'] umbilical cords,” the 33-year-old said.

Stacey Solomon says she has special memory boxes for her kids.

“I think I’ve got the boys’ foreskins somewhere. Dilly [her co-organiser on Sort Your Life Out] absolutely rips me to shreds over that, she’s like, ‘What is wrong with you?!’

"They've all got each individual memory boxes. So I hold on to them in their memory boxes alongside little trinkets."

And as with most young kids, Solomon's boys are super confused as to why she's kept hold of them.

She went on: "For me, my emotional things are the kids' memories. But we've been through our memory boxes before and they're like, ‘Don’t even remember that, Mum, what is that?’ And I’m like, ‘That’s the ticket from that time we went to the cinema, don’t you remember?!’

"They say, ‘Nah, why’s that there?’ Kids are brutal. But they're not at that stage in their life where they have responsibilities.

"Whereas when you get older, you start realising that time is a thief. And it goes bloody quickly and things change instantly. So you do hold on more as you get older, I think."

This isn't the first time Solomon has spoken about her collection of foreskins and umbilical cords.

The mum says her sons aren't bothered about the trinkets she keeps.

Speaking a couple of years ago in a BBC show called Sort Your Life Out, in which she helps guests declutter and sort out their homes, the presenter opened up about her hoarding habits.

Speaking to the camera, Stacey said: "There are things in my house that if we were like, 'Why don't we come and do this over at mine?' they'd be like, 'Stacey! How have you still got your son's foreskin in a box?'"

At this point, she began to laugh, before adding: "I keep some random, gross stuff because I cannot let it go, so I totally understand."

Solomon, who has been in a relationship with Joe Swash since 2015, has previously revealed that she once caught her fella red-handed looking at porn after he used her phone and forgot to wipe the history. Awkward.

The couple appeared on ITV's Shopping with Keith Lemon where they opened up about their relationship.

On the show, Swash admitted: "She's caught me watching porn. I was watching porn on her phone."

To which she hit back: "A couple of times. I woke up, right, and I was like, 'Where's my phone? Where's my phone?'

"I literally went to open it and instead of, like, hiding the... swiping up and getting rid of the pages and clearing the history, I opened my phone to hot milfs."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/staceysolomon

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