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Taylor Swift and Blake Lively's hilarious reaction to being caught chatting during Post Malone performance

Taylor Swift and Blake Lively's hilarious reaction to being caught chatting during Post Malone performance

The two famous pals had a funny reaction to being projected on the big screen

Taylor Swift clearly forgot she is probably going to be the most eyeballed person in the crowd at the Super Bowl tonight.

Despite having years in the spotlight, it seemed to slip the singer's mind that her every move at the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas will be broadcast around the world.

She was spotted having a good old gossip with her best pal Blake Lively shortly before kick off - and right in the middle of Post Malone's performance.

Swift was seen cuddling up to her close friend and fellow celeb while swaying to his rendition of 'America the Beautiful' in the stands and appearing to also be engaged in quiet conversation.

As they uttered a few words to one another as Post Malone belted his heart out, the fan camera panned to the famous pair and caught them in the act.

For the first few seconds, they didn't seem to realise that their sneaky chat was being shown to everyone else in the stadium - but their reaction when the penny dropped was pretty hilarious.

Swift was seen gasping and bursting into giggles as Lively - who's jaw had already dropped - whispered in her ear to alert her that they should probably save it for later.

All eyes are on the 'Bad Blood' singer tonight as her boyfriend Travis Kelce does his thing on the football field below as the San Francisco 49ers take on the Kansas City Chiefs.

Taylor Swift and Blake Lively had a hilarious reaction to being projected on the big screen.

After hopping on a plane from Tokyo straight after stepping off stage, she hightailed it straight to Las Vegas to make it back in time to watch her man.

Swift was seen arriving at the pivotal game alongside Lively and rapper Ice Spice.

Her presence at Kelce's NFL games has caused a bit of a stir of late, although it has made some people a lot of money thanks to a boom in viewership, merchandise deals and ticket sales.

The pop star's other half isn't a fan of all the craziness that's followed him since they struck up a romance, though.

Although the tight end said it's been 'nothing but fun', Kelce admitted he isn't too happy about a certain conspiracy theory about their romance that has been circulating online.

Some suspicious social media users have claimed by that the result of Sunday's (11 February) game is already a done deal and that the Chiefs are going to roar to victory simply because of the pair's romance.

They reckon that the sheer power and sway Swift has over her fans - and arguably, the globe - will easily translate to the football field.

But Kelce hasn't taken the conspiracy theory lightly and he had some pretty stern words for people stirring up speculation.

When asked what he thought of people who doubted the authenticity of their relationship, he laughed as he said: "You're all crazy."

Kelce then added: "Every last one of you, you're crazy."

Featured Image Credit: CBS

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