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Travis Kelce hits back at Super Bowl conspiracy theory about his relationship with Taylor Swift

Travis Kelce hits back at Super Bowl conspiracy theory about his relationship with Taylor Swift

The Chiefs tight end had some stern words for people doubting his relationship

A lot of people have forgotten about the action on the field and Usher's halftime performance at this year's Super Bowl, as they're more preoccupied with the current celebrity power couple.

Taylor Swift's romance with Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce has made him a household name - as well as making the NFL and his team quite a few quid in the process.

The pop star's affiliation with the tight end has seen a boom in viewership, merchandise deals and ticket sales, as their recent relationship has thrust American football into the lives of Swifties who were previously uninterested in the sport.

Fans have been left swooning over the pair - especially after finding out the 'Bad Blood' singer, 34, has rushed to Las Vegas straight after leaving the stage in Tokyo, Japan, to make it back in time to watch her man.

It looks like a pretty sweet relationship between two famous folks is forming in front of our very eyes to most people - but not everyone is convinced that the pair are actually in it for the long haul.

Among a myriad of rumours that have been swirling about their fling, one conspiracy theory seems to stick out more than the rest to a lot of people.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are still going strong.
Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Some suspicious social media users have claimed by that the result of Sunday's (11 February) game is already a done deal and that the Chiefs are going to roar to victory simply because of the pair's romance.

They reckon that the sheer power and sway Swift has over her fans - and arguably, the globe - will easily translate to the football field.

To be fair, if it did happen it would be a pretty sweet chapter to their relationship and Kelce has already put it out there that he considers his beau to be his 'good luck charm'.

But the 34-year-old sports star hasn't taken the conspiracy theory lightly and he had some pretty stern words for people stirring up speculation.

The sports star hit back at people doubting their relationship.
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Roc Nation

Ahead of the Super Bowl where he will be vying for his third victory, Kelce sat down with CBS for an interview and discussed his connection with Swift while hitting back at the constant chatter about the couple.

When asked what he thought of people who doubted the authenticity of their relationship, he laughed as he said: "You're all crazy."

The tight end then added: "Every last one of you, you're crazy."

That's one way to silence the haters I suppose.

Kelce then went on to gush about how their blossoming romance has been 'nothing but fun' since it began last year.

He continued: "We've both been learning about this lifestyle, knowing that I brought her into the football world. It's been an unexpected ride that I've just been having a blast with."

Featured Image Credit: NFL/Patrick Smith/Getty Images

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