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Taylor Swift gives host awkward death stare after brutal joke about her at Golden Globes

Taylor Swift gives host awkward death stare after brutal joke about her at Golden Globes

She didn't seem best pleased with Jo Koy's joke about her

Hosting an awards gig like the Golden Globes with the eyes of showbiz on you has got to be a pretty tough job.

Everyone's going to have a verdict on how you did and before long you'll learn if the general consensus was that you were good, bad or just a bit boring.

Whichever way you slice it, the hosting gig is an uphill struggle, and for this year's Golden Globes it was announced rather late that actor and comedian Jo Koy would be carrying the show.

Some of the verdicts haven't been all that great, with The Guardian's Sian Cain saying one of Koy's jokes 'went down like a particularly heavy lead balloon' and Vanity Fair's Richard Lawson said the comedian's opening monologue was a 'horrid, sophomoric mishmash of lazy jokes'.

Both noted that after one of Koy's jokes about Barbie didn't quite land he seemed to take aim at his writers.

The responses to Jo Koy's performance as host have been less than stellar.

"I got the gig 10 days ago! You want a perfect monologue? Yo, shut up. You’re kidding me, right? Slow down. I wrote some of these, and they’re the ones you’re laughing at," the Golden Globes host said on stage.

However, far more dangerously for Jo Koy is that he has angered the most powerful group in the entertainment world, the Swifties, after making a joke about Taylor Swift and boyfriend Travis Kelce.

"As you know we came on after a football double-header," Koy said to set up his joke.

"The big difference between the Golden Globes and the NFL? On the Golden Globes we have fewer camera shots of Taylor Swift."

The camera then dutifully cut to a shot of Taylor Swift, who was not laughing and instead took a sip of her drink while she stared at the stage, with Koy then saying 'sorry about that'.

Live Taylor Swift reaction.

Anyone who knows anything about showbiz knows not to mess with Swift otherwise they invoke the wrath of her army of fans.

The Swifties were quick to rush in, saying that the singer 'completely no-sold this joke' and that the Golden Globes host would 'fade into obscurity', which is rather harsh.

Other fans of Swift took to social media to say they hadn't heard of Koy before but weren't impressed, and someone else said 'the best jokes are the ones the subject will laugh at', and judging by that metric Koy's quip about Swift wasn't a classic.

"Taylor's next song will be about Jo Koy," another fan of hers joked, though there were a handful of people who thought it was funny and a few who said it was pretty accurate.

The singer had received her fifth nomination at the Golden Globes for best cinematic and box office achievement for her movie Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour, however, Barbie took home the win.

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