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The Rock fans confused after spotting how much he’s actually lifting in incredibly sweaty video

The Rock fans confused after spotting how much he’s actually lifting in incredibly sweaty video

Dwayne Johnson's followers said they had higher expectations of him in the gym.

If you're feeling bad about skipping the gym again, I'd advise you not to take a look at The Rock's social media accounts.

Muscleman Dwayne Johnson has shared another video of one of his gruelling workouts while drenched in sweat on Instagram, reminding us all that he never takes a day off.

Take a look here:

He told fans he had upped his exercise game and was training in sauna-like conditions - hence the relentless beads of perspiration dripping off his head.

A gush of sweat slid off of him with every rep during the seemingly intense chest workout on his pricey Prime Fitness equipment. Let's hope the camera man was wearing a splash guard.

The Rock, 51, admitted it was 'hot as hell in the gym, like a sauna', but said he had managed to persevere and get another 'great training session' in the bag.

He wrote in the caption: "We pushed hard and made progress. Been applying the 'get to' philosophy lately when it comes to pushing myself, getting after it and raising the bar.

The actor looked like he was feeling the burn in the Instagram video.

"And that mindset has really helped me calibrate my perspective and get even more focused. We 'get to' put in the work.

"As opposed to we 'have to'. Big difference you can apply to all areas of life in a positive way. Grateful for the grind."

The Fast and Furious star even shared a nugget of his expert fitness knowledge with fans, adding: "Go super light on this chest finisher and squeeze the hell outta the reps."

Fair play to the bloke - he surely knows what he is doing with pecs that size.

But fans were left confused by Johnson's incredibly sweaty workout video after realising it maybe shouldn't have been as strenuous as it looked.

Eagle eyed social media users spotted that he was actually only lifting 20kg on either side - and they had much higher expectations of him.

People flooded the comment section to share their shock at how much sweat Johnson had produced when he was doing a 'light' exercise.

Social media users couldn't believe how much sweat The Rock produced.

Baring in mind - this is a guy who can apparently bench press 205kg on a good day.

One said: "Who else noticed it's only 20 each side like what? Thought it would be more than that, it's The Rock."

Another joked: "I'm not even that soaked when I shower."

A third queried: "Why you sweating so much?"

A fourth laughed: "That's light weight! Baby why are you stressing?"

A fifth wrote: "Must be hot there. Bodybuilders don't even sweat that much."

Maybe he had accidentally knocked the heating on inside the gym and that's why he was sweating so hard. Or had a spicy curry the night before. Who knows?

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/therock

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