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Adult star reveals the one thing he's has to 'sacrifice' for his job after appearing in 2,500 films

Adult star reveals the one thing he's has to 'sacrifice' for his job after appearing in 2,500 films

Tommy Gunn has opened up on the 'psychology' of the industry

Veteran adult star Tommy Gunn has revealed what he has had to 'sacrifice' for his, let's say, unconventional line of work.

The 57-year-old - who has starred in over 2,500 adult movies - started out in the film industry back in 2004.

20 years on, he has won numerous awards for his work, making it into the AVN Hall of Fame in 2016, the Oscars of porn, if you like.

Tommy has been as candid as ever. (@theetommygunn/Instagram)
Tommy has been as candid as ever. (@theetommygunn/Instagram)

But believe it or not, having sex on camera is no easy task and it takes a lot more than a well endowed figure to make it work.

And although the difficulty of the job is one thing, balancing that with personal life was more of an obstacle for Tommy.

During an interview with Holly Randall on her YouTube channel, the 'porn legend' said that the fortune and fame didn't help with his relationships with women.

The sex worker said that to become a pornstar 'your buy-in is your personal life'.

Tommy, whose real name is Thomas Joseph Strada, was married before entering the film industry and later remarried with a fellow porn star.

He said he has to 'sacrifice' a lot. (@theetommygunn/Instagram)
He said he has to 'sacrifice' a lot. (@theetommygunn/Instagram)

He explained: “You’ve got to put your ante in – that money is to match everyone else but your buy-in is your personal life and your intimacy.

“That’s what you're going to sacrifice.

“I had this feeling at one point I said ’Is this is this going to be the right decision? I'm actually taking this action between two people which should be cherished… is this going to be a good idea to leverage that as a means of an income?’

“For me to wake up and say ‘Aright sweetheart? I’m going to kiss you and then go and have sex with a stranger,’ that's kind of strange.”

Also, an issue that only a pornstar would have a problem with, is that some of his girlfriends would be adamant on having sex with him before heading into work.

He continued: “I’ve had them say ‘I want you to have sex with me before you go to work,’ because in their psychology it’s marking their territory.

“That’s not conducive for me. If I was a boxer or something, why would I box the day before I got a big box match coming up?” He adds that the same is true the other way around, if he’s dating someone who is also in the porn industry, he wouldn’t want to tire them out before a big shoot.

“The last thing I want you to do, honey, is go to work and be sore and worn out cuz that's what happens. For a guy or girl it’s the same – even though we're designed differently it's the same friction at the end of the day.”

Most guys can't relate to that problem, I'm afraid.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@theetommygunn

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