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N-Dubz star Tulisa reveals she's been 'celibate' and hasn't had sex in years

N-Dubz star Tulisa reveals she's been 'celibate' and hasn't had sex in years

Tulisa has been taking some time out from dating, as her and the rest of N-Dubz go on tour.

Rappers regularly boast about their relationships, but not Tulisa Contostavlos.

In fact, the N-Dubz star has recently revealed that she is currently celibate and told fans she has had na naii sex for two years.

The singer hit a high note in the naughties, when she burst onto the UK music scene with bandmates Dappy Contostavlos and Richard ‘Fazer’ Rawson.

Over a decade on though, the band have just released their fourth studio album, Timeless and just finished a huge comeback tour.

Whilst you might think this is what’s gotten in the way of Tulisa’s relationships, the singer revealed that it’s actually been a conscious choice to be celibate.

The N-Dubz star made the candid admission in an interview.
Mark Holloway/Redferns

Appearing on The Zeze Millz Show, the 35-year-old made the candid confession and added that she doesn’t want to have sex again until she’s in a committed relationship.

It’s been two years since the singer last had sex, with Tulisa explaining: “I don’t date, I court.

“So basically you are courting because you like to build friendships before you start dating, you just don’t s**g them and you get to know them.”

Whilst she didn’t go into detail about her dating life, she did tease fans by saying: “I’ve got friendships that I’m building.”

Though Tulisa has found a happy balance when it comes to dating, the singer still feels that there is a lot of misconception about her.

Tulisa has taken a break to focus on friendships.
Getty/SOPA Images / Contributor

During her early days of fame, the star was often surrounded by controversy and struggled with her mental health.

As she re-enters the spotlight, the singer admitted to The Metro that a lot of who she is 'got lost in translation'.

The former X factor judge told the publication: “The general public will have a certain perception of me but an N-Dubz fan will know this completely different side of me, where you follow me on Instagram and see me doing stupid s***.

After a decade away from music though, Tulisa says she is happy to be back on the road.

“….Coming back to N-Dubz is this feeling of freedom, where you’re just loved for what you do and the music you make. It’s actually allowed me to open up and be more vulnerable again.”

She explained that the last year had been life-changing, adding that fans had helped ‘lift’ her anxiety as she returns to the main stage.

N-Dubz’s tour now continues across the country until early September.

Featured Image Credit: Insta / @‌tulisacontostavlos Mark Holloway/Redferns

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