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Chris Martin stops gig to design tattoo for mega fan

Chris Martin stops gig to design tattoo for mega fan

The fan said they 'burst into tears' after the singer responded to his request

This is the moment Chris Martin stopped mid-gig to design a tattoo for a Coldplay mega fan. Check it out:

Mattie Jolley from Hertfordshire said he 'burst into tears' after the singer responded to his request while performing their hit 'Fix You'.

The fan, who has spent £1,500 on tickets, travel and accommodation to see his fave band perform a whopping ten times, brought along a sign to the latest show that read: "Chris design my tattoo please."

It didn't take long for the frontman to notice the banner, despite Mattie being amongst a crowd of 80,000 people.

Speaking to NTK, Mattie said: "As soon as it happened, I burst into tears realising what had just happened and I was more in shock.

Mattie Jolley is a Coldplay mega fan.
Jam Press

"He had noticed me throughout the show.

"We made a lot of eye contact, which made me feel so happy and connected to the band.

"It took a long time for it to sink in that Chris had done this for me.

"He picked me out of an 80,000-strong crowd to make my night even better, he didn’t have to do it and I am so grateful he did."

He went on to explain that Chris had noticed the sign earlier on in the concert, which went down on 20 August, causing the singer to stop for a moment before saying 'okay'.

"At this moment I knew it was going to happen and everyone around me was asking me about the sign," continued Mattie.

Not the most accurate design but to be fair it was done mid-gig.
Jam Press

"After four more songs the band started 'Fix You'. Chris was kneeling on the stage, he looked for me and made a gesture to say get your pen ready.

"At the point I was in shock, I was shaking so much trying to get my pen and pad out.

"Then he came down the stairs of the stage, looked at me while he continued to sing 'Fix You', as if it was being sung to me."

Mattie said that Coldplay means 'the absolute world' to him, and that they've helped him 'get through some tough times'.

It'll come as no surprise to anyone that the mega fan is now planning on getting the one-of-a-kind design tattooed on his arm.

Mattie is grateful to Chris Martin for responding to his request.
Jam Press

He added: "He drew a really cool love heart, which has a cool looking infinity sign around it.

"I haven’t finalised exactly what I’m going to get, but I would like to get the drawings with the words 'Never Give Up' and the Love button Logo [nonprofit organisation supported by Chris Martin]."

Featured Image Credit: Jam Press

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