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People stunned to hear Christian Bale's real accent after years of hearing him playing different characters

People stunned to hear Christian Bale's real accent after years of hearing him playing different characters

After all these years, many have very wrongly assumed Christian Bale was American

Many people have been left stunned after hearing Christian Bale's real accent - some even for the first time.

Of course, successful actors need to have a wide range with their voices to even entertain the chance of appearing in a wide range of projects.

Yes, some actors certainly stick with film projects based on characters of their birth place, but chances are certainly limited if you decide to go down that route.

One actor who has appeared in a lot of films over the years is Christian Bale, and he has been pretty damn successful at it.

The 49-year-old has collected an Academy Award and two Golden Globe Awards in his time, following a lengthy spell in leading roles across many genres.

From a staple in superhero films like Batman, to even sport films like Ford v Ferrari - Bale really has done it all.

And with all that chopping and changing comes a lot of voice chances, as a superhero is going to sound a little different than a car junkie, isn't he?

Christian Bale has appeared in a lot of projects, leading to confusion over his real accent.

As a result, many film fanatics are actually unsure as to what Bale's real accent is, and rare interviews are the only real occasion we get to hear his true voice.

While he may be a Hollywood actor, Bale is actually British - born in the small Welsh town of Haverfordwest.

But over the years, many have assumed he was actually American, something the actor has admitted to deliberately wanting to trick his fans into.

In an interview with Canadian broadcaster Chris Van Vliet, Bale was asked if he is surprised many think he speaks with an American accent all the time.

But in the most British accent possible, he replied: "I'm very appreciative of that. It has allowed me to play significantly more roles than I ever would have been playing if I had not been able to do that [speak in a US accent]."

Christian Bale loves confusing people about his accent.

He went on to explain how the UK is exposed a lot to US films, and how American people actually sound.

Following his Golden Globe victory back in 2019, many fans flocked to Twitter in shock at Bale's accent after hearing it during his acceptance speech.

One film fan wrote: "My dad is currently in genuine shock after hearing Christian Bale’s accent."

Meanwhile, a second added: "Great to see Bert the lovable cockney chimney sweep from Mary Poppins get a special award at the Golden Globes.Wait, who? Christian Bale? What?"

While fans may be utterly stunned, Bale is truly loving the confusion.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/ChrisVanVliet

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