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Christina Aguilera makes extremely open sex confessions in first-ever podcast interview

Christina Aguilera makes extremely open sex confessions in first-ever podcast interview

The singer spoke about her sex life on a podcast and things got very NSFW very quickly

Christina Aguilera has given her first ever podcast interview to Alex Cooper's Call Her Daddy podcast and things got very explicit very quickly.

There's a lot of sex talk on the podcast anyway, but Aguilera was clearly unafraid to get incredibly personal and be about as open and honest as it's possible to be.

The 42-year-old said she wanted to help with 'sex positivity' and get women to 'feel safe enough to talk about their sexuality'.

She's long championed these ideas with her music but on Call Her Daddy she took the opportunity to talk about her own explicit preferences and grasped it with both hands.

Be warned if you're reading on, it gets very NSFW very quickly and pretty much doesn't stop.

Aguilera was asked what she finds so exciting about sexuality and revealed that she really loved discovering other people's sexual wants and needs.

Christina Aguilera recently appeared on the Call Her Daddy podcast and told all about her sex life.
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"I love getting into it and how everyone operates. How much of a freak are you? How much of a submissive are you? What is your playground?" she said.

"Sex is fun and knowing your body is so important and you're only gonna know your body when you spend time with yourself first, so you know what to ask for from your partner and what you like."

The conversation then turned from what she finds so appealing about discussing sexuality to talking what she finds so appealing about sex, and Aguilera really didn't hold anything back from her answer.

"It's gotta be blowjobs. I love a blowjob. I enjoy it. I had a lot of male friends... I grew up around them, so I know every different part and the sensitive areas. I literally enjoy it," she explained, before declaring herself to be a 'promoter of the swallow'.

She said: "I know some women don't like it, but I don't know man, it's a turn-on.

"I think there's something to be said, after you put in the hard work, I think swallowing is a good thing, it's got a lot of protein.

"I'm a promoter of the swallow. I didn't put in that hard work for nothing. It should be fun, as long as you feel good and safe with your partner."

Christina Aguilera and partner Matthew Rutler.
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The raunchy revelations don't stop there, as the singer then told host Cooper about her favourite sexual positions, explaining that her preferred position 'depends on the mood'.

She said: "Sometimes it's nice early in the morning, from the side, there's holding involved, spooning involved. Some good doggy sometimes, in the shower there's been some good times.

"There's the studio soundboard, I've been bent over there a couple times. Plane can be fun, we've definitely hid some things under the blanket.

"I can't believe we didn't get caught so many times, in so many situations."

When pressed on that last point Aguilera explained that she wasn't talking about private planes, revealing that she and partner Matthew Rutler would choose their moments on international flights as 'they turn the light off'.

Aguilera also said she had never been interested in dating another celebrity for the sake of staying 'relevant'

Featured Image Credit: Hyperstar / Alamy Stock Photo / YouTube / Christina Aguilera

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