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Gory horror remake of Cinderella will see some 'truly horrific deaths'

Gory horror remake of Cinderella will see some 'truly horrific deaths'

The gruesome movie is from the minds behind the Winnie the Pooh horror film.

The traditional tale of Cinderella is set to get a “horrific” makeover as a gory version of the movie will hit the big screen later this year.

ChampDog Films, the brains behind the bizarre Winnie the Pooh horror movie, are seemingly working overtime to ruin our childhoods.

The studio's next project is a grisly version of the classic Cinderella story, and fans of the dreamy Disney fairytale might want to look away now.

The new version of Cinderella is set to be a lot bloodier.
Maximum Film.

The forthcoming version of Cinderella is thought to be much bloodier than its 1950s counterpart and will feature moments from the original story Perrault penned in 1697.

It’s also speculated that some details will be lifted from the 1812 Brothers Grimm retelling, too.

For example, the paper versions of the spiel feature Ella’s ugly stepsisters cutting off their feet to fit into the famed glass slipper and later they have their eyes pecked out by birds.

While these moments didn’t make it into the squeaky-clean Disney animation, ChampDog Films and director Louisa Warren are keen on including the grisly details.

The forthcoming film will be much darker than the original animation.
Walt Disney Studios.

It’s also thought that our heroine will transform from a princess into a cold-blooded murderer.

In conversation with Bloody Disgusting, Warren said: “This an incredibly unique spin on the Cinderella we all love and know. There are going to be some truly horrific deaths by her hands.”

She continued: “I think the gore hounds are in for a treat in my dark retelling.”

Cinderella’s Curse is set to release in October and will feature the likes of Kelly Rian Sanson, Danielle Scott and Chrissie Wunna.

Following the recent announcement, film buffs have come out in droves to discuss the forthcoming movie.

Some Twitter users have asked if the film is necessary, while others seem excited for the autumn release.

One said: “I mean if you want to do a gory anything on a fairytale, Cinderella would (sic) probably be your best bet. Didn’t the original have one of the stepsisters cutting off their toe to fit into the glass slipper?”

Another added: “They’re running out of clone movies to make and blood and gore is the easiest thing to guarantee the highest bottom line.”

A third wrote: “I do think it’s not exactly the right step to take considering how the Winnie the pooh horror film went (very badly), but at the same time, with reminders on how the original tale went, it does have slight potential.

“Still not sure how this will go.”

Featured Image Credit: Maximum Film/Disney

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