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Clarkson’s Farm leaves viewers considering going vegetarian after watching season 2

Clarkson’s Farm leaves viewers considering going vegetarian after watching season 2

The show follows the trials and tribulations at Diddly Squat Farm

Safe to say there's been a lot of reactions since the second season of Clarkson's Farm dropped, with some viewers saying it's making them to want to go veggie.

The show follows the former Top Gear host, 62, as he runs a farm in the English countryside, and it does not shy away from the brutal reality of animal slaughter.

Reacting to the second season of the goings on at Diddly Squat Farm on Amazon Prime, viewers said the show had opened their eyes to what really goes on in the British farming industry.

One viewer declared: "Reckon Clarkson's Farm is the nail in the coffin to send me veggie."

A second added: "Seriously considering becoming a vegetarian after James had Jeremy Clarkson's farm show on last night (I wasn't even watching it cos I was playing a game but saw enough in the background) but no idea what I'd eat as a meat replacement cos I am an extremely fussy eater! [sic]"

Other viewers of the show, meanwhile, said it had made them totally reevaluate their consumption of animal products.

A third remarked: "After watching season 2 of Clarkson's Farm, I will only be buying meat from Local butchers from now on.

"The big supermarkets are still buying cheaper EU meat and killing the lively hoods of British farmers.

"£82,000 a year (per farm) EU subsidy gone that the UK government."

Viewers of Clarkson's Farm are reconsidering their use of animal products.
Clarkson's Farm / Amazon Prime

"Watched Clarkson's Farm," remarked a fourth, "we really need to support Farmers and stop buying supermarket meat, veg and dairy! [sic]"

This frustration comes, in part, from Clarkson's Farm's revelation that British badgers are spreading tuberculosis, which has resulted in an increased number of livestock being slaughtered after contracting the disease.

As is revealed on the show, badgers were protected back in the 1980s in a bid to stop badger baiting - a blood sport that saw the animals chased and killed by dogs.

"All I've figured out from Clarkson's Farm 2 so far is that badgers are costing taxpayers over 100 million and costing farmers their livelihood," wrote another viewer.

Clarkson has laid bare the reality of farming in the UK.
Amazon Prime

Even Clarkson himself appeared affected by the plight of the animals on his farm, which opened back in 2020, as he told LADbible: "I was present at all their births, I raised them, and I fed them, and I loved them, and I picked them up and cuddle them, and went 'Oh aren't they sweet?'

"They gambled around in the fields outside the house and made attractive noises, and now they're off to the abattoir.

"That's just, everybody likes a roast lamb - well, I do - on a Sunday, so that's where they went and I ate them."

Featured Image Credit: Amazon Prime

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