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Clarkson’s Farm fans relieved after Lisa shares huge update following tragedy

Clarkson’s Farm fans relieved after Lisa shares huge update following tragedy

Diddly Squat Farm has some well-deserved good news, and fans are pleased

If you’ve been wondering about what’s been going on with Jeremy Clarkson’s Diddly Squat farm, there’s been a huge update.

Clarkson's Farm is a great TV show that’s been pulling tears and laughs out of viewers since it first aired in Prime Video in 2021, and now that the third season of the staunchly popular farming show has been released, there’s so much more to come.

Having tried his hand at rearing sheep in the first season and cows in the second, Clarkson decided that it was time to try piggies.

If you’ve been following the show then you know that the opening of Clarkson's Farm was an emotional rollercoaster after they had to say goodbye to beloved cow Pepper, and Gerald having been diagnosed with cancer.

But now we’ve got some good news to share.

After the Diddly Squat crew went through issues trying to raise pigs, as a number of the newborn piglets died despite attempts to save them, Clarkson’s partner has updated on their health.

Diddly Squat has an exciting update. (Instagram/@thetallirish)
Diddly Squat has an exciting update. (Instagram/@thetallirish)

At the time of the piglets birth, the former Top Gear host said it was the first time he'd seen girlfriend Lisa Hogan cry, and he was struggling with the loss too.

But now that filming for season four is going on right now, Lisa has shared something great on her Instagram account.

She wrote alongside a video of the babies: “Piglet alert! Many piglets, from our first gilt born on the farm (now that she’s produced a litter, she’s called a sow).

“Births were fast and easy & we are extremely proud grand pigletarents.”

Diddly Squat’s page also posted an update with a picture of sleeping pigs, writing: "Piglets from our first litter now up the duff. Proud grand pig parents.”

Social media users were equally as pleased for the couple, writing their congratulations under the video.

One person wrote: “So glad all went well after the sadness of previous births. You’re going in the right direction.”

Another penned: “I cried with you guys when I watched Farm 3. So very happy all went well and bravo J for your fantastic invention.”

And someone else wrote: “Oh wow! So much diddly piggly cuteness!”

It's a great bit of news for Diddly Squat Farm since those heartbreaking early days when many of the piglets were dying.

The piggies are part of the family. (Instagram/@thetallirish)
The piggies are part of the family. (Instagram/@thetallirish)

At the time when the piglets died due to being suffocated by the mother who mistakenly sat on top of them, a fan shared on social media a post that we can all agree on: “Fourth episode of clarkson’s farm was bloody miserable, I constantly felt so sorry for them and their loss.”

But there’s even more good news for Diddly Squat as the government has now changed the law and people are calling it 'Clarkson's Clause'.

Now, farmers can convert disused agricultural buildings on their land into homes and shops without planning permission.

So who knows what more the farm will bring now that they can turn buildings into whatever they want!

Featured Image Credit: LADbible/Prime Video

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