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Comedian tracks down and screams in face of heckler who's been trolling him for ten years

Comedian tracks down and screams in face of heckler who's been trolling him for ten years

You can't say he's not committed.

Revenge is a dish best served ice cold, if you ask comedian Bobby Mair.

The London-based standup hatched a hilarious - if not a little petty - plan that was ten years in the making to give a heckler a piece of his mind.

Mair documented his journey from London to Dudley, 8 miles northwest of Birmingham where the heckler lives, on his social media.

In his travel blog, which has since gone viral, he looks back on why he was so determined to track the man down.

The reason for such great animosity to warrant a 150 miles car ride to greet the heckler dates all the way back to 2013.

At the time, Mair played a gig in Birmingham but, as it turns out, not everyone in the crowd loved his set. Among the audience was the heckler, who blindsided Mair by shouting 'chicken wire!' in his face.

But if you're thinking the comedian may have gone a little overboard to get his revenge after a decade over a single comment, you may want to think again.

Ever since that night in Birmingham, the heckler made a point to leave a comment on every post Mair has ever published. And he went consistently for the exact, same comment. Yes, you guessed it, 'Chicken wire.'

After enduring the same heckling on his content over and over, Mair felt it was time to get a payback. It helped that, as the comedian revealed, the heckler was careless enough to use his real name on his social media profiles, making it easy for the standup to find him online.

Once he looked for the man on LinkedIn, Mair was ready to exact his revenge by giving the heckler a taste of his own medicine.

He showed up at the heckler's workplace, intentioned to let the heckler know how it feels like to be shouted at in front of other people.

The video sees Mair go in the EE store where the heckler works. After having found him in the back with some of his colleagues, Mair proceeded to shout 'Chicken wire' at the man repeatedly. The heckler was a good sport and couldn't help but laugh at the incident.

"Chicken wire! I win, you lose!" Mair shouts in the clip.

As some customers pulled their phones to record the bizarre scene, Mair felt the need to explain why he would do such a thing, revealing the man had been trolling him for the past ten years and he was finally getting his due.

This is the kind of commitment we should all strive for.

Featured Image Credit: Credit: bobbymaircomedian/Instagram

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