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Conor McGregor Sparks Concern With Video Of Him Eating Ice Cream In Bed

Conor McGregor Sparks Concern With Video Of Him Eating Ice Cream In Bed

McGregor could be seen lying in bed topless, chomping on an ice lolly as he laughed away to himself

Conor McGregor has sparked concern among fans after posting a bizarre video of himself eating an ice lolly in bed, prompting people to believe he has ‘lost his mind’. Watch the video here:

McGregor shared a carousel of photos and videos on Instagram yesterday after being awarded the key to Miami, Florida

He wrote: “The key to the city of Miami at @theblackforgeinn Dublin twelve, and still. Top man, Mayor @francissuarez thanks for the buzz, this 50k cash from ‘gargle entertainment’ is to me. Hard work pays #januarybluesclues #newcocktails #miamid12.” 

The photos and clips showed him enjoying himself at his pub in Dublin, the Black Forge Inn – with glasses of whisky, a pint of whisky and a stack of cash visible on the table. 


In the last video, McGregor could be seen lying in bed topless, chomping on an ice lolly as he giggled away to himself – something that fans were a little confused by, especially as four days ago he had revealed he’d be giving up booze as he ‘immersed’ himself in ‘full training’. 

One person commented: “Wtf is going on with Conor?” 

Someone else said: “This dude has lost his mind.” 

A third agreed: “Dude is f***in losing it.” 

One simply said he was ‘crazy’, while another wondered if he’d had ‘too much whisky’. 

“Where are your marbles bro,” someone wrote. 


Another Instagrammer someone should ‘hurry up and take Conor’s phone away from him’, while some wondered what this meant for his UFC comeback, saying: “Sorry Conor you will never become champion again.” 

Someone else said in agreement: “Money has well and truly gone to your head my friend, I was your biggest fan too, you won’t fight again." 

Dishing out some advice, one fan also added: “Bro your posts are so heada**… don’t get me wrong I’m a fan and that lavish lifestyle obviously looks great but damn it’s just so corny bro.. carry your self like the true king you are man.” 

Earlier this week, McGregor had revealed he planned to stop drinking as he prepared to go into ‘full training’ mode. 

He told followers: "Sitting in actual awe at present, can’t quite describe it.

"Last week, Saturday, the first day Ireland became free from restriction, and also coincidentally the anniversary of the late Arthur Guinness, Forged Irish Stout outsold Guinness on premise for the first time and everyday since!

"Forged Irish Stout is now the clear leader in stout sales for us! All of us in this industry know, for a stout to do this is just unprecedented! Incredible!

"The fact it happened for the first time on that day in particular, I feel it a sign that I am on the right path here with all of this! Onwards and upwards we go!

"For my fighting fans, I want to say I know I am enjoying myself with my liquid, but very soon I will be immersing my self in full training again with complete abstention from my wonderful creations of Spirit and Ale.” 

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@thenotoriousmma

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