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Cristiano Ronaldo Does Iconic Celebration To Mark Passing Huge Instagram Milestone

Cristiano Ronaldo Does Iconic Celebration To Mark Passing Huge Instagram Milestone

The celebration usually comes after Ronaldo scores and shouts 'Siuuu' along with the stadium's fans

Cristiano Ronaldo has sent a message to his fans after becoming the first person to reach 400 million followers on Instagram. You can watch the clip here:

The Manchester United forward also managed to slip in his iconic 'Siuuu' celebration while he sat at home facing the camera.

If you weren't aware, the sportsman will regularly run to the corner flag after scoring a goal before throwing himself into the air and landing with his arms stretched out in front of him..

Speaking in the video, Ronaldo told his followers: "Hi guys, 400 million, wow. What a number. Now I can say siuuu.

"Well it's fantastic. What a moment for me, you know, without you this wouldn't be possible. So, from the bottom of my heart, I have to say thank you. Keep going like that."


He then promised: "I will share my life with you. All the things with you because you deserve it. So, thank you very much now let's do it for one hundred, two hundred millions. Thank you guys."

The official Manchester United Instagram account responded to the clip saying: "More to come!" While Anthony Joshua commented: "SSSSSIIIUUUUUUUUUUUUU."

According to reports, Ronaldo had a casual 237million followers as of September last year, meaning he's gained another 167 in just five months.

Congratulating the player on his milestone, Piers Morgan said: "Congrats to ⁦@Cristiano on becoming the first human being ever to reach 400 million followers on Instagram. The undisputed social media," along with a goat emoji and a series of clapping hands.

"Ps He only follows 500 people, including me… he knows a good grammer when he sees one."

Taking into consideration all of the above, it probably comes as no surprise that Ronaldo was named the most popular footballer online in China... again.

The 11th annual Red Card report by digital sports agency Mailman has found that the Premier League has continued to make waves in the Far East at a time when the coronavirus pandemic has prevented travel.

While Barcelona were again the most popular club online in China, the Premier League has been named top European football league for a fourth straight year.

Chelsea are second in the club popularity ranking and United rose from sixth to third, thanks in part to Ronaldo’s return to Old Trafford.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/cristiano

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