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Disneyland Voice Actor Has Hilarious Answer To Question And People Think He Deserves Pay Rise

Disneyland Voice Actor Has Hilarious Answer To Question And People Think He Deserves Pay Rise

The character of Crush, the turtle from Finding Nemo, is beloved by fans, and a voice actor's quick thinking at Disneyland proves why

People are saying the actor voicing Crush, the turtle from Finding Nemo, at Disneyland deserves a pay rise, and it's easy to see why:

The clip was shared on TikTok and features a fan, called Gerard, asking the beloved Finding Nemo character some pretty unsettling questions. And after seeing the cartoon character's responses, it's clear he deserves some extra cash.

It all started with Gerard asking the iconic sea creature: "What's your favourite type of food?" To which Crush expertly replies: "Dude, it would have to be this stuff right down here dude. The green sea grass and the green sea kelp.

"In fact Gerard I eat so much of it that it gets in to my body and ... turns me green."

While this is a pretty top turtle response, it's not the reason people are saying the actor needs a raise – it's what happens next, as Crush asks Gerard: "What about you dude, what do you like to eat?"

This Crush the turtle actor deserves a pay rise.

Gerard, somewhat chaotically, answers: "I like a good turtle soup."

Crush, understandably, swims away, before peering his head out of the coral reef.

The turtle tentatively asks another audience member: "Ryan, is Gerard still there?"

Crush then squeamishly says: "Gerard if you promise not to eat turtle soup I totally will come back out dude."

Gerard replies: "I promise I will not eat you."

'You' is the operative word here, because Gerard didn't technically say he wouldn't eat turtle soup, which Crush is quick to catch.

"Okay... that's not what I said dude, I need those exact words," the comedic character continues.

Gerard was left laughing after Crush questioned him.

And Gerard says the words we've all been waiting for: "I promise I won't eat any turtle soup."

Naturally, people were quick to respond to the video on TikTok, with one user writing: "This is hilarious."

Another added: "I just want to go to Disney now and do the same." While a third recommended fans of the clip: "Watch Black Mirror where an animation runs for president. Similar."

Others asked how the animation worked, confused as Crush responded in real-time.

One user wrote: "I always tell people about this like it's been 14 years since I seen this and talked to it!! and don't understand how it works!"

Another explained: "it’s live motion capture to drive the head, face and body movement and premade animations for the rest."

Featured Image Credit: @clipzzzz101/TikTok

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