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DJ Khaled Appeared In One Of The Most Disastrous Hot Ones Episodes Of All Time

DJ Khaled Appeared In One Of The Most Disastrous Hot Ones Episodes Of All Time

DJ Khaled's effort in the episode has been dubbed as 'embarrassing'

Fans of Hot Ones are calling DJ Khaled's appearance 'disastrous'. Watch below:

The 'We the Best' hitmaker brought his 'take-no-Ls' mentality to one of the toughest challenges on internet TV.

The YouTube show has forced the likes of Gordon Ramsey and Tom Holland to shed tears, because as we all know, spicy hot wings have no discrimination.

Unfortunately for Khaled, however, the producer appeared to give up around 5 minutes into a 17-minute show, striking out at round two.

In total, Khaled was only able to stomach a minor two wings out of five.

Fans were not impressed and took to Reddit to showcase their discontent.

YouTube/First We Feast

One disgruntled user wrote: "What an embarrassing man. And not for quitting. More for everything else.

"edit: Also, Sean alpha-ing him by saying 'I'll eat your wings'.

"This was f**king embarrassing. I can't even watch further."

The fact he refused to act like he 'took an L' is what looks to be annoying those in the comments.

Another added: "He stopped after the chipotle tableside hot sauce and tried to say he didn’t lose."

A third commented: "The audacity of Khaled to say, "I've never caught an 'L'" having just quit the show only 3 wings in.

"What a poser."

Someone else wrote: "My favorite moment. @14:30."

"DJ Khaled: I don't even like hot sauce period. For me to do 3 of them was amazing!

"Sean: Uh, ok congratulations. Very brave effort Khaled."

YouTube/First We Feast

Many were also praising presenter Sean Evans, who powered through all the wings while keeping the interview rolling.

One said: "Sean is such a brilliant interviewer. He saw this falling apart and allowed this guest to do the work for him knowing it would be hilarious."

Another added: "Major props to Sean Evans in this interview... He was able to stomach the hot wings and DJ Khaled simultaneously."

"I also love the way Sean doesn't warn him to avoid his eyes when he rubs at them. Sean is in control as always," a third pointed out.

Someone else suggested: "Sean was low-key dissing Khaled throughout the entire episode and I love it."

Another backed up that point by saying: "Sean making him look dumb as hell the whole show. This is the best one ever."

To watch the full episode of Hot Ones featuring DJ Khaled, click on the following link.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/First We Feast

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